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Cleethorpes Cricket Club Invitational Tournament


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Cleethorpes Cricket Club
Invitational Tournament
10 - 11 Aug 2018
Cleethorpes Cricket Club, Cleethorpes, UK
[1] Daryl Selby
5/11, 11/8, 11/5, 11/5
[5/8] Harry Falconer

Daryl Selby
11/9, 9/11, 11/7, 11/5
George Parker
Daryl Selby
11/9, 11/8, 11/7
Ritchie Fallows
[3/4] George Parker
9/11, 11/8, 11/6, 12/10
5/8 Patrick Rooney
[3/4] Declan James
11/8, 5/11, 7/11, 11/0, 12/10
Ritchie Fallows
Ritchie Fallows
11/6, 11/6, 11/4
James Willstrop
[5/8] Josh Masters
11/4, 11/4, 5/11, 11/8
James Willstrop
Oceanblue Logistics, Cristal Global, Specsavers, Rudd Solicitors, Howdens Joinery,
Van Franchise, Bring Logistics, A.P.Robinsons Accountants, Ed Walton and Flying Colours
Selby Wins Cleethorpes Title At Sixth Attempt

The Cleethorpes Invitational got off to a flying start when holder James Willstrop held off a determined challenge from Josh Masters, deputising for the injured Adam Auckland, 3-1.

Willstrop won the first two games comfortably both 11-4, following some long and tough rallies Masters seemed to settle down, 11-5 Masters. Nip and tuck at 4-4 Masters opens the gap to 8-5 and Masters looked favourite in the fourth, a fifth looked likely, a couple of unforced errors and Willstrop was back in it, Masters didnít trouble the score again, and Willstrop won the match 11-8.

The second match between Declan James and Richie Fallows promised a close as they know each otherís game so well.

First game as expected close, lot of lets and strokes as they tried to settle down and it was Fallows who lead 1-0. Second game even more lets and strokes as neither wanted to give an inch but James wins 11-5. Much more flowing game as both players have settled, long rallies but James keeps ahead , 11-7.

Only James will know what happened in the fourth as it was 11-0 Fallows. The decider was nip and tuck. James lead 3-0, 7-5 and 9-8, but Fallows won the match on a tiebreak on his 2nd match ball.

Willstrop beat Masters 11/4, 11/4, 5/11, 11/8
Fallows beat James 11/8, 5/11, 7/11, 11/0, 12/10.

Semi Finals

In the first Parker has 4-2 lead which goes to 6-3 and looks in command but two quick unforced errors and it is soon 8-6 Selby and he closes the first game 11-9. Another good start by Parker sees it 4-1 some good strong rallies and it is 8-4 to Parker again some unforced errors and Selby leads 9-8 are we having a re-run of the first? 9-9 a tough no let and Parker sees the second out 11-9. This time it is Selby off the mark quick and leads 4-1, Parker comes back 5-6 a long rally ending in a no let and Parker finds himself 10-6 down, one a return of serve well down on the tin, in this scoring format a cheap point for Selby who wins the third 11-7.

As with the first two games Parker takes a 4-1 lead but a couple of unforced errors along with two lovely drop shots and Selby is 5-4. Parker wins the next but to be his last as again some unforced errors gives the match to Selby. Another Cleethorpes final for Selby 6th time lucky perhaps.

11/9, 9/11, 11/7, 11/5.

Richie Fallows had an 89 minute match the previous night, beating Declan James, but from the beginning it was James Willstrop who looked physically uncomfortable. Fallows, probably surprised to find things so easy maintained his level, which was never seriously threatened to win easy 3/0, giving himself every chance in the final, Daryl Selby having to work harder in his semi final.

11/6, 11/6, 11/4.

Selby v Fallows

The final starts at a frantic pace with Selby gaining a 3-1 lead, Fallows fights back to 4-3 but then some mistakes from Fallows and Selby wins 11-5.

Fallows this time 3-0, comeback by Selby and it is 3-3. Some good shot selection sees Fallows 7-3 and looking good, Selby has other ideas and it is 7-7 then 9-9 but Fallows hangs on and draws level, 11-9 and the longest and testing game of the night.

Fallows is really up for this and the squash is brilliant, great retrieving and shot selection has the crowd on the edge of their seats 4-4 a no let and stroke take Fallows to 7-5. Selby back to 7-7, again after some excellent squash Selby takes it 11-8.

Fallows out the blocks again in the fourth 3-0, Selby having nothing of it leads 4-3 which becomes 7-5, some unforced errors by Fallows and it is 10-5 Selby. A mini fight back by Fallows to 10-7 but another unforced error and Selby wins the Cleethorpes title at the 6th attempt.

Mike Hallam ask the spectators to spare a thought for the sad loss of Sumner Malik.
He then thanked the sponsors, players, markers and spectators for yet again another successful tournament.

Mick Hallam
Tournament Organiser

Click on images for larger view

James Willstrop and Richie Fallows

Daryl Selby and George Parker

Daryl Selby and Richie Fallows

Rick Havercroft (compare),
Brian Barrett, (lights and music)
Mick Hallam, (tournament organiser)
John and Peter, (referees/markers)

Harry Falconer Debuts at Cleethorpes Invitational

First appearance at Cleethorpes for local lad Harry Falconer and he did not disappoint. Two love to Selby soon became 7-2 Falconer and despite 3 more points from Selby, Falconer wins the first game to the delight of the packed audience. It was close all the way in the second up to 8-8 then a no let and 2 more points and it was 11-8 Selby.

The third game was also level up to 4-4 then Selby stepped up the pace and it was 11-5 Selby. A few mistakes from Falconer and it was 6-0 Selby, 3 points back by Falconer and was he on his way back. Selby rallied round and it was 9-3 soon to become 11-5 and match to Selby.

A great performance from Falconer, one he can take away and learn from this on his rise up the rankings.

The last match of the night was George Parker v Patrick Rooney. First game 3-0 Rooney only to go to 4-3 Parker and it was nip and tuck, 11-9 Rooney.

Next game saw Parker go 6-2 some intense rallies and a mini comeback at 10-6 but Parker held on, 11-8. Again a 3-0 lead Parker and some unforced errors from Rooney it went to 9-2, four points in a row and Rooney looked back in it but Parker closed out 11-6.

First point in fourth game to Parker, Rooney 5-1 and looking the fresher of the two, again some unforced errors from Rooney 7-6 Parker which became 10-10 another mistake from Rooney and it was Parker who finished off 12-10. Patrick will know his unforced errors cost him dear when looking the stronger.

Mick Hallam
Tournament Organiser

Welcome to Cleethorpes Cricket Club
Preview Courtesy of Mick Hallam

It is not very often you get the opportunity to watch a Commonwealth gold medal winner at Cleethorpes but that is what we have this weekend. Not only one medal winner but three, we have the complete set, silver and bronze.

It will be a feast of exciting and fascinating squash as usual when these players come to town. To be able to watch such talent at close quarters is a chance not to be missed, with the added expectations of two of our home grown players in Adam Auckland and Harry Falconer. I am sure all the members of both Cleethorpes Cricket and Millfieldís will want to see how they perform against some of the best players in the world.

I would like to thank all the local companies that have sponsored the event without such it would be impossible to hold the event. They are Oceanblue Logistics, Cristal Global, Specsavers, Rudd Solicitors, Howdens Joinery, Van Franchise, Bring Logistics, A.P.Robinsons Accountants, Ed Walton and Flying Colours.

Also all those that have had adverts and everybody that comes to watch is a contribution that enables this tournament to run, I thank you all.

Again we have the pleasure to have John Massarella to control the proceedings, he is a permanent fixture and has not missed a single year, 21 this year.

Mick Hallam
Tournament Organiser