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Cleethorpes CC Invitational 2016







Cleethorpes CC Invitational 2016
29 - 30 July
Cleethorpes Cricket Club, Cleethorpes, UK
First Round
Semi Finals
1 James Willstrop
5/8 Richie Fallows
James Willstrop
11/9, 15/13,11/4
Alan Clyne
James Willstrop
3-11, 11-5, 11-9, 5-11, 11-3
Daryl Selby
5/8 George Parker
3/4 Alan Clyne
3/4 Declan James
Rui Soares
Declan James
10/12, 11/6, 11/6, 11/6
Daryl Selby
5/8 Dougie Kempsell
2 Daryl Selby



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Oceanblue Logistics,
Van Franchise,

Rudd Solicitors,
Bring Logistics,

A.P.Robinson Accountants,
Cristal Pigments UK
Eye Rackets



Cleethorpes Invitational Final
Courtesy of Mike Hallam,

So to the final, after a gruelling semi-final it was felt that Daryl Selby had to win the first game. Alan Clyne never gave him an inch, patient rallies and dragging Selby forward at every opportunity he developed a 7-0 lead. Next rally first point for Selby but that was to be his only one in this game, 1-0 Clyne 11-1. The next game was the longest, nip and tuck up to 8-8, Selby playing tight and taking it early goes into the lead 10-8, a chance to even things up. Clyne was having none of It, the next rally probably the longest of the match with Clyne chasing every ball down. Selby misses a straight drop and its 10-9.

Another long rally and again a mistake from Selby, 10-10, every inch of the court was used by both players with some amazing retrieving and delightful shots but a cross court from Clyne hits the sidewall nick 11-10. The look on Selbys face told it all another hard rally which Selby put everything into but Clyne has him out of position and its 2-0, 12-10. The first rally showed the tenacity of Clyne, never gave up anything, he was not letting Selby off the hook. 2-2 became 5-2 a couple of lovely cross court nicks from Selby and it was 5-4. Although he gave everything he had left in the tank it was not enough to prevent Alan Cyne from winning the Cleethorpes Invitational on his first visit.

Mike Hallam thanked all the sponsors and the crowd for their continued support of the tournament and John Massarella who has been coming from day one. The players were impressed with the set and hospitality given to them and expressed a wish to return. Many thanks to Malcolm Willstrop who a is also becoming a permanent fixture for his write ups and company, never a dull moment thatís for sure.

We are already looking forward to next year.

Mike Hallam
Tournament Organiser


Welcome to Cleethorpes Cricket Club
Preview Courtesy of Mike Hallam,

Itís a pleasure to welcome you to Cleethorpes Cricket Club, as our squash section goes from strength to strength. It never gets any easier trying to raise sponsorship for the event so I have to give a massive thanks to those who have kindly agreed to be main sponsors.

They include Bring logistics, Cristal UK, Buildbase, A P Robinson, Paul Rudd Solicitors, The Van Franchise, Centrica Energy, Eye Squash Rackets and Oceanblue Logistics. Without your support I would never be able to bring such talent to our club, I can never thank you enough.

To assemble the standard of players we have each year is nothing but remarkable and this year we have some of the very best young talent around. Along with some familiar faces, we have a great line up, I would like to thank each and every one of them for giving time to play in our tournament.

To all the companies that place adverts in the program, I thank you all, you make a huge contribution towards me being able to put the tournament on.

The Players

What with the top golfers in the world and the Russian drug fiasco can you imagine how the squash players feel. It appears that now most of the worlds sporting bodies have several skeletons in the closet. The world top squash players would run to Brazil or anywhere else for that matter to play in an Olympics, shame on the Olympic selection committee.

We in Cleethorpes have been spoilt over the years with the calibre of players that have graced our court and this year is no different. James and Daryl back to support the tournament both well regarded by the spectators and with them some new faces and the most exciting up and coming talent around.

New face Alan Clyne, Scotland No1 will be hard to beat, Declan James impressed the crowd last year, Richie Fallows and George Parker both first time, I know the Cleethorpes will take to these two, Scotland No3 Dougie Kempsell and Australian Matt Hopkins, both first time and again just the sort of players the crowd here loves. It is a privilege and a pleasure to welcome them all to Cleethorpes.

To make it complete we have the ever present sevices of John Massarella, not only do we have some of the worlds top players but in John we have one of the world class referees.

Mike Hallam

Tournament Organiser