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 Caption GALLERY - previous competition crackers

Photo 1: Moto fun in Bermuda ...

WINNER: rarely had the Bermuda grand prix seen such vicious competitors" Mark Bertram

  • And I made the crash helmets out of one of Jordan's old bras! Marc Falconer

  • One of these days I'm going to try riding this thing without being tied to your moped ... Valerie Ganne

  • We're bound to win the Tour de France on these! Rob Falconer

  • I wondered what idiot paid all that money for Jamie Oliver's scooter at the auction ... Claire Daniele

  • "Hey John do you come this way often?" ... "No Dave, it must be the vibration of this scooter." AJS

  • Love the new wheels mate, Dave: ye, but i don't give a XXXX for these stupid potties they've strapped to our heads !! John R

  • David:Hey John, take a closer look in our mirrors.The coach had to walk back to the hotel by himself while we have these heavy motorbikes. John:hi-hi-hi-hi-hi! Svein-Erik

  • "See .... I told you there's no money in squash Johnny.... let's scoot over to the soup kitchen" Simon

  • "John, so where's tonight's National League match then?" John

  • John and Dave audition for the remake of 'CHIPS'! Jason Savell

  • Palmer White Pizza delivery service. Timmo

  • alrighty whitey lets get rowdy, do some wheelies, and go pick up some biker chicks Don Pedro

  • Even Power couldn't block me on one of these !! JR

  • John: "Hey! Check out my shiny helmet!" David, chuckles and thinks: "If you could only see the size of mine, Whitey..." Bonnie

  • "So Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France 5 times? I don't see what all the fuss is about.....Bicycle? oh....never rmind." Mark Bertram

  • John helps David test various forms of transport in Bermuda; in preperation for his dash to Edgbaston from Canary Wharf!!! Billy

  • "Easy there Jon. You need to put 10p in the slot first." Nick

  • With this babys i bet we could retrieve better then Peter. Henrique Nóbrega

  • What do you reckon Whitey? Shall we take them out of the carpark? Glen Wilson

  • (imagine dumb & dumber) "hey, daaaavid...lets take a quick tour back to australia mate" !! sneep

  • You know? Losing in Bermuda once again prove us that squash earn us no money. We're heading off to the MotoGP world tour ... Jeffry Ma

  • White and Palmer having double the fun on their new vibrating scooters Daryl Suen

  • Palmer: "Hmph... mine's bigger than yours"  David

  • Let's see if we can make it two speed records in a matter of weeks!! Sam

  • rarely had the Bermuda grand prix seen such vicious competitors" Mark Bertram

  • I'm Glad those kids gave us their motorbikes for that racket. Now were going to be on time! Dave G




Photo 2: Qatar Clash ...

Winner: Just out of camera the tour beautician rips off a strip of bikini wax from each competitor to give the game a bit of an edge. AJS

  • A spider! That's the most terrifying thing in the world, she thought, until she turned around. Rob Falconer

  • Sorry, but it was most definitely not me who put chilli powder in your toothpaste. Claire Daniele

  • I think my life line's just dramatically shortened ... Valerie Ganne

  • Touch my hand again Girl and i'll clock ye one.....TonyR

  • Just out of camera the tour beautician rips off a strip of bikini wax from each competitor to give the game a bit of an edge. AJS

  • Don't look in the mirror!!!! Mike

  • Can you swat that fly for me? Craig

  • the trial for the early match start not successful! Jason Savell

  • ...and when I snap my fingers you will both come round feeling refreshed and awake.3,2,1 click! DW

  • In Qatar, Wispa try a new scoring system - PAR to 9 combined with musical statues! And the music stopped! Billy

  • EEEk SPIDER .. step on it Cassie !! TM

  • The 3-legged doubles exhibition match didn't quite start as planned. Nick

  • Can I do that to you? Jeffry Ma

  • BUHU!!u fooled me!buhuuu, u switched rackets.Im gonna tell MAM u did... sneep

  • Ewwww! That really smells! Daryl Suen

  • As the referee had decided to call the match with his eyes closed, the ladies decided to play the same way. Mark Bertram


Photo 3: New York Appeal ...

Winner: You call that minor inteference? Jeffry Ma

  • Jonathon Power launches his new Dive Guy deodarant at the Tournament of Champions. Thierry Lincou: "Maybe you should just stick to clothing and shoes, JP" Shane Slater

  • Not only is he a lousy loser, but it was he I saw eating bananas lunch-time ... Mark Alexander

  • Gone, gone, and never called me a mother! Valerie Ganne

  • Help me up! It's your chewing-gum on the floor anyway! Claire Daniele

  • I would have beaten you if I could have stood up. Rob Falconer

  • "Who left the squash pics sign on the floor?" Steve

  • Powers falls foul of local tournament rules. Three complaints and your opponent gets a clear shot at the ball. Unfortunately in this case Power's opponent misheard the referee when this rule was explained at the start of the game. AJS

  • Alas, poor Jonathon he played so well but the referee was full of jest !! Tony R

  • Tah Dahhhhh ... it was magic! Craig

  • Powers impression of the little Mermaid does not impress Lincou! Jason Savell

  • new york, new...YORK!!! Thierry:[thinks]humph,anything for a let. DW

  • Thierry is used to Jon's theatrical bent, but has enough when Jon start to act out a scene from Hamlet in the 5th set!!!  Billy

  • yes that's nice thierry. If u ever turn your back on me again...ITS OVER!Do U here me...I SAID ITS OOOVER!

  • You call that minor inteference? Jeffry Ma

  • I don't love you anymore, Jonathon. Thierry, my love! Don't leave me! Daryl Suen

  • "The sliding, football type, celebration was a bit much considering it was only the first point of the match." Mark Bertram

  • He farted up there, how can I get that ball? Camundle

  • "What are you talking about Ref!! That was the best electric boogaloo of all time!" David


 Caption GALLERY - previous competition crackers


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