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Linda Davie's
Islamabad Diary ...

Linda is in Islamabad for the World Junior Championships, looking after the Referees ...

Photos from Chris Smith
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Linda in Islamabad




The Squash Complex - inside




The Squash Complex - outside



Holiday Inn, Islamabad

Friday 20th

I watched the Mahmoud Adel v Yasir Butt quarter-final.

What a match - 65 minutes of hard, good squash. The Pakistani player eventually took over and wore his opponent down. He won 3/1 in 65 minutes, 9/7 7/9 9/1 9/4.

Each game was progressively quicker than the last, at 23 mins, 18 mins, 9 mins and the last around 7mins.

The Egyptian did well to take the second game which was nip and tuck. He showed signs of wear and tear and was dripping with sweat. The referee was firm when he tried to gain extra time in between rallies in the third, and then you could see Butt lift in confidence. The crowd were in full flight during all of the match and they were of course very verbal but in a good way.

When the match finished the crowd let loose and everyone gave Butt the standing ovation he deserved.

The match was refereed by Peter Lawrence who in everyone's mind did a first class job.  59 decisions in total - 23 in the first game, 18 in the second, 8 in third and 10 in the fourth.

I am going out tonight....yes out.

Did I mention we have been advised not to go out unless we have an armed escort with us !!!! Oh for a glass of wine although the tea is good but no milk.

Thursday 19th

I am being treated like royalty. Everyone is very helpful and they offer me everything and anything I wish. They are treating me like the Queen, seriously they are.

The number one seed fell today and to be honest he never looked in the match.

The quarter finals have 6 Pakistanis and 2 Egyptians.
I felt sorry for Chris Simpson today. I watched the match and thought to myself that he did not look "up to par". I am sure I was right. He had a lack lustre match and that is just not Chris. So England are now out of the main event.
Tom Pashley and Chris Hall have fallen with sickness and I fear it may be spreading throughout the team.

The Pakistanis are a well prepared bunch of guys. They should take the team event, although I am sure the Egyptians will give them a run.


My flight was due to leave at 3.45pm, they said it may be a little later. They were right, they kept delaying and delaying until we finally departed at 6.45pm.

I survived and was looking forward to my comfy flight. I cannot complain, everything was first class except that the seats did not really work to their best, but no difference I made it to Islamabad.

We arrived at around 6.00am local time and the temperature was around 27 degrees .... hot and so early.

When I arrived at the terminal I was hoping to be met, perhaps after we passed through immigration.... Well to my surprise there was a lovely young gentleman carrying a huge notice board with my name printed on it! I could have passed away on the spot, I felt so important.

The English boys arrived off the BA flight at the same time so it was even nicer to have friendly faces around. We were whisked through everything, we did not stand in a single queue anywhere, marvellous.

Two of the English players had the red cross of St George sprayed over their head, Chris Simpson and Tom Richards.

When we left complex I was amazed to see thousands and I mean thousands of people outside, waiting. Apparently they arrive in their droves to welcome their families, what an experience and of course my light coloured hair was gaining many looks.....

We are escorted everywhere by members of the Federation, Police and Air Force...a bit scary to tell you the truth but if they think it necessary so do I.

We have been advised not to leave the hotel, so I shall look into this...