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More money,
less sense

Rob Richardson

The WISPA Tour
Jenny Duncalf



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Linda Davie
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 years to learn"


LATEST  Articles
 Date  By  Headline
 21-Oct  Rob Richardson  More money, less sense
 15-Oct  Jenny Duncalf  The WISPA Tour
 21-Sep  Philip Newton  Ice in your bath?
 17-Sep  Petros Tzamaloukas  Living the Olympic Dream
 14-Sep  Malcolm Willstrop  Personal Thoughts
 04-Sep  Linda Davie  Two weeks in Islamabad
 31-Aug  Rob Richardson  Looking after the Athletes
 30-Aug  Steve Cubbins  Warming to the New Scoring
 19-Aug  Linda Davie  Islamabad Diary
 10-Aug  Jonah Barrington  New scoring 'stinks'
 07-Aug  Dave Rawlings  Massage those aches away
 06-Aug  Malcolm Willstrop  Anyone's in Sheffield
 05-Aug  Laurens Jan Anjema  A Mexican Tale
 02-Aug  Linda Elriani  Brunei Bonus for WISPA
 24-Jul  Tim Garner  Not far enough ???
 23-Jul  Charles de Sainte Marie  DEATH of the comeback
 22-Jul  John Nimick  Squash: ringing the changes
 20-Jul  Ben Rickaby  Barada - the next Enrique
 12-Jul  Charles de Sainte Marie  Squash as a Job Interview
 08-Jul  Linda Davie  In the HOT SEAT 
 03-Jul  Steve Cubbins   New PSA Scoring - GAME ON
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