The Next Enrique ???

Ben Rickaby

Ben Rickaby gets
a surprise in the UAE ...
Imagine my surprise when flicking through the local Arabic television channel when a familiar face was starring in a not so shabby music video!

It appears that Ahmed Barada, former world No. 3 has achieved the music stardom many of us have dreamed of, a far cry from the guitar strumming we’ve all heard coming from many players' hotel rooms over the years!

His moves in the video are quite reminiscent of those he once displayed on court, although the tight short shorts were nowhere to be seen!

Ahmed Barada retired in August 2001 due to his inability to recover from injury after being stabbed twice in the back by a mystery assailant, and although he sought medical treatment in Germany and France, his attempted comeback in the Super Series finals was short-lived.

Ahmed surprised the squash world when he turned up at the Qatar Classic in 2002 - not as a competitor, but as a singer!

The satellite music channel Melody started airing the new song for the former Egyptian squash player, and now singer, Ahmed Barada entitled “Sa'alouni Ouyouni” a few days ago, and already he has quite a following amongst certain members of the community (me not being one of them!).

The new album, entitled Hikayat, will include ten songs, one of them, “Kolloh Min Oyounak”, which will be shot as a video.

Barada expects success for his new album, especially since one of the album’s songs was chosen among those to be presented for the World Cup Tournament in 2010 if it is to be held in Egypt.

Barada revealed that he is putting off accepting new acting offers due to the fact that he wants to concentrate on his singing career.

Whatever next ???

Nick Matthew & Lee Beachill joining a boy band ???

Former world number 3 Ahmed Barada
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Ahmed entertains at
the 2002 Qatar Classic