Not Far Enough ???

It is always interesting how people
perceive the same thing so differently ...

Take the new PSA scoring system, and it's a pretty popular subject at the moment! For some it is a change for the worse, whilst for others it is not a big enough change.

For some, Charles de Saint Marie for one, it hinders the chances of an upset, whilst for others, myself included, it increases the chances of an upset.

I am pretty sure if you canvassed the players on the PSA world tour then they would be pretty unanimous in agreeing that the lower the scoring system the leveller the field.

One only has to look through the results of the National League & Super League in the UK to see upsets abound with players such as Bradley Ball & Marcus Berrett, whose highest rankings would be in the forties, having destroyed a number of World top 16 opponents on regular occasions.

In the past, the underdog used to get reeled in at about 11-11 as the toll of having had to run that extra distance started to kick in and the 'better' player (whatever that means) began to ease away. Now the underdog can go for his shots in in the knowledge that if it is his day and the winners flow off the racket the win is just around the corner.

But is 11 far enough? I hope so, but I don't think so. It will certainly help the promoter, who seeks to entertain an audience that becomes ever more demanding with so many alternative ways to spend their time.

However, I believe if you are going to fundamentally change something then do it properly. The change to PAR 15, was fine but it never really altered things.

Having been to the 20/20 cricket last week at Lords, I can see why the cricket purists are against it. But can a 28,000 sell out crowd really all be wrong? It was the first time that a county game was sold out for over 50 years, food for thought for squash ... Lets make changes, but lets make them really count.

Professional players are winners and will adapt to the game that is set before them. In general rather than seeing the glass half empty, they will see it half full so whatever the changes it will still be squash and the 'best' player will win!



Tim is a former top 30 player,
  BSPA Director, and runs
Eventis Sports Marketing with Peter Nicol & Angus Kirkland, promoting events such as
the English Open and
the Canary Wharf Classic.

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