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Mike Corren & Amelia Pittock Celebrate South Australian Open Success

Men's Draw
South Australia Open 2008
Edwardstown, 23-27 Jul, $4k
Round One
[1] Mike Corren (Aus)
11/6, 11/8, 12/10
[LL] Peter Taylor (Aus)
Mike Corren
11/9, 13/11 rtd (43m)
Jason Mudge
Mike Corren
11/7, 11/8, 11/6 (34m)
Justin Beard
Mike Corren
11/7, 11/7, 12/10 (39m)
Zac Alexander
[6] Josh Cardwell (Aus)
 11/2, 11/2, 11/2
[Q] Jason Mudge (Aus)
[3] Steven Robinson (Aus)
11/8, 14/12, 12/10
[Q] Nathan Stevenson (Aus)
Steven Robinson
11/9, 12/14, 9/11, 11/9, 11/9 (68m)
 Justin Beard
[7] Justin Beard (Aus)
11/4, 11/8, 11/7
Neeraj Aggarwal (Aus)
[Q] Tim Cowell (Aus)
11/9, 4/11, 11/6, 9/11, 11/7
[5] Carl Hampson (Rsa)
 Carl Hampson
7/11, 11/6, 11/9, 11/8 (45m)
Luke Forster
 Carl Hampson
5/11, 11/7, 8/11, 11/6, 11/3 (57m)
Zac Alexander
Luke Forster (Aus)
11/5, 8/11, 6/11, 11/8, 11/6
[4] Joseph Desira (Aus)
[Q] Nathan Kam (Aus)
11/8, 5/11, 8/11, 11/8 11/5
[8] Rex Hedrick (Aus)
 Rex Hedrick
11/4, 11/6, 11/6 (35m)
 Zac Alexander
Brent Dunkley (Aus)
11/2, 11/3, 11/6
[2] Zac Alexander (Aus)
Women's Draw
South Australia Open 2008
Edwardstown, 23-27 Jul, $4k
Round One
31 Jul
01 Aug
02 Aug
03 Aug
[1] Amelia Pittock (Aus)  Amelia Pittock
11/0, 11/3, 11/5 (23m)
 Maggy Marshall
 Amelia Pittock
11/1, 11/4, 11/1 (21m)
 Adel Weir
Amelia Pittock
11/7, 11/9, 11/9 (35m)
Lisa Camilleri
[5] Maggy Marshall (Aus)
 11/7, 12/10, 11/1
Paige Inia-McGarvey (Aus) 
[3] Adel Weir (Rsa)
11/1, 11/3, 14/12
Vicky Cardwell (Aus)  
 Adel Weir
7/11, 11/7, 11/6, 11/4 (26m)
Kimberley Bessell
[8] Kimberley Bessell (Aus)
 7/11, 11/8, 12/10, 11/8
Bonny Wu (Aus) 
Zoe Petrovansky (Aus) 
14/12, 11/9, 11/9
[7] Sarah Cardwell (Aus)
Zoe Petrovansky
8/11, 11/4, 11/4, 11/7 (25m)
Jackie Laurensen
Zoe Petrovansky
11/4, 11/3, 11/6 (23m)
Lisa Camilleri
Alma Kushartanti (Aus) 
11/7, 14/16, 3/11, 11/7, 16/14
[4] Jackie Laurensen (Nzl)
Lyndal Morrison (Aus)
11/1, 11/5, 11/8
[6] Melody Francis (Aus)
Melody Francis
13/11, 11/0, 11/8 (30m)
 Lisa Camilleri
[2] Lisa Camilleri (Aus)

 Mike Corren & Amelia Pittock Celebrate South Australian Open Success

Australian favourite Mike Corren achieved another career milestone in Edwardstown when he took out his home stateís squash title for the first time with an 11-7, 11-7, 12-10 win over compatriot Zac Alexander in the men's final of the South Australian Open.

The title was Correnís 18th on the PSA Tour - but his first win in front of his home fans at the SA Open.

The victory also takes the 34-year-old ahead of fellow countryman Stewart Boswell in the number of Tour titles won - and up to second place in the list of current Tour title-winning Australians led by David Palmer, the two-time World Open champion who boasts 22 trophies.

In a good day for the top seeds as Australian Amelia Pittock won the womenís final when she beat fellow countrywoman Lisa Camilleri 11-7, 11-9, 11-9.

Both winners will now head to the South Australian town of Clare for the Australian Open, but Corren admitted he hadnít been thinking that far ahead.

"I have set myself for this one (the SA Open) for the past few months," said the new champion. "I wasnít thinking about Clare - Iím originally from here and Iíve always had a crack at this tournament but come off second best.

"I thought this year Iíd give it a go. Iíve been training four months for this. I set myself for it at the start of the year before the dates even came out."

Corren never looked in danger against Alexander, the 19-year-old scholarship holder with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Corren had a bad run with injuries in 2007 and had to decide earlier this year whether he wanted to continue on the tour. However, after moving to Malaysia and putting in a period of solid training he knew he didnít want to quit just yet.

"Iím feeling as keen as I ever did," he said. "I know Iím heading into my last few years on the circuit, but I think if I retired now Iíd regret it."

In the womenís WISPA World Tour event, Pittock looked very impressive as she played almost faultless squash to defeat an in-form Camilleri and retain the title she won last year.

The world number 35 won her second title of the year with the victory and the fifth of her career, giving her a welcome confidence boost ahead of the Australian Open.

"I was very nervous today and I donít know why," said Camilleri, from Queensland. "I couldnít relax during the warm-up. She was the number one seed so I had nothing to lose, but I just couldnít relax."