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If in Doubt Play a Let

Strictly speaking Lets and Strokes are the same as in squash, but in practice the rule is interpreted differently.


In Racketball, the ball bounces so much that the 'window of opportunity' to hit the ball is much greater than in squash, and it is much harder to play a direct winner. Consequently Strokes are awarded less frequently.


The guiding principles are; obvious Strokes are given, but marginal Strokes result in a Let.



These Lets, include 4 common events:


Player A plays the ball and moves towards the 'T'. The ball goes round the back corner of the court. Player B backs off of the ball (does not turn) and end up on the 'wrong' side of the court (trying to play a backhand shot from the fore hand court, or visa versa). Players A is blocking a direct shot to part of the front wall. Player B has lost sight of Player A as he watches the ball off of  the back wall.   Result Let.


Player A hits the ball rather close but  is rapidly clearing the ball. Interference occurs within the first 10% of the 'window of opportunity', but the rest of the window is clear. Result Let. 


Player A decides to play a delayed shot and wants to hit the ball in the last 10% of the 'window of opportunity'. By doing so, backs into the opponent causing the opponent to interfere with the late back swing.  Result Let. 


Player A in trying to clear the ball inadvertently blocks Player B from getting to the ball. As winners are very difficult to play: Result Let.



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