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At present there are only 2 balls approved for British Racketball.

They are the Dunlop Blue Ball and the Price Black Ball.

The Dunlop Blue Ball is the default ball that should be used by most club players.  It is a faster higher bounce ball and will give the average club player more time to reach and return the ball. It is also the ball that is used in all Masters Tournaments, which are for all age groups of 35 and above.

The Price Black Ball is a slower lower bounce ball that has been specifically designed for the advanced players. It is the ball that is used for the National Tournaments that are not age specific,  (i.e. the open tournaments).

A good guideline as to which ball you should be using, is the amount of time a typical single game takes. A typical single game should last about 10 minutes. If games are lasting more than 15 minutes each, then a slower ball should be used.

A ball is only good for up to 10 matches after which it will have significantly lost some of its bounce and speed, and should be changed. It will also have picked up dirt from the court, and will tend to 'skid through' instead of bouncing correctly.

Beware of other balls. Some are cheaper imports that have inconsistent bounces, and others are the balls designed for American Racquetball.  American Racquetball is played on a court that is 8ft longer than a squash court so these balls are designed to be faster and bounce more.


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