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Men's Open finalists Paul Allen, Zena Wooldridge, Chair ES, Winner Daryl Selby

Allen (L) v Selby

Paul Allen

Daryl Selby

Men's O35 Jim Lord (winner), Derek Price, David Lord

Mens O40, winner Jim Lord, Derek Price, Andy Pallett r.up

Men's O45 Winner Paul Haigh, Derek Price, Ian Cawthorne

Men's O50 winner Mike Livock, Wooldridge, Paul Selby

Men's O55 Jim McCollom, Winner Rob Shay, ZenaWooldridge

Men's o60 winner John Cockill, Zena Wooldridge, r.up Ian Garvey

Men's O70, r.up Gordon Stringer, winner John Hart, Zena Wooldridge

Men's Plate, Derek Price, Winner Matt BAker, R.up Scott Sumner

Women's Open finalists, R.up Vicky Hynes, ES Chair Zena Wooldridge, Winner Laura Hill

Laura Hill


Laura Hill and Vicky Hynes

Women's Open Winner Laura Hill (L) v Vicky Hynes, r.up

Vicky Hynes v Laura Hill

Vicky Hynes

Women's Over 35 Plate Runner-up Carolyn Lindsay

Women's O40 Winner Bev Vatcher

Women's O45 Winner Lesley Sturgess, Price, Jo Robinson

Women's O50 winner Jenny Matthews

Women's Over 35 Plate Runner-up Carolyn Lindsay

Men's Over 40 Plate Winner Peter Moore

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