Joe Shaw:
Each week we'll be presenting another part of Joe's revolutionary coaching programme, that helped guide David Palmer and John White to the top of the game.

The Program is applicable to all sports, and represents an invaluable resource for any coaches who have the foresight,
the inspiration, and the commitment to make it work for them.


The full program,
as originally published,
is available on the
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17-Oct, Week TWELVE:


These Weekly Coaching Articles teach how to expand the Self Image, (Week 3) by accessing the subconscious Brain with positive reinforcements. The Self Image sets the boundaries of what you can and cannot achieve. Expand the Self Image and you expand the boundaries of what you can achieve.

The Program shows how to access the subconscious in the Alpha Brain Wave Zone, (Week 5) the relaxed learning Zone, to achieve accelerated learning skills and results. It is here that you expand the Self Image.

A list of the Psychological Requirements of all Sports is essential learning. The understanding and implementation of these psychological factors are vital to becoming successful. They change slightly with each Sport, but only in order of importance.

Reinforcement programs, including how to design successful Affirmation Cards are included, (Week 8) to ensure the ongoing improvement in the Self Image of the pupil.

Self Analysis Charts that you invent monitor and measure the progress of the pupil and define these improvements. Use your imagination to design these Charts.

Need for a Sport Psychologist is removed, and the personal understanding of the psychological skills of both the Coach and the pupil are improved. This allows daily supervision of behaviour patterns, and allows the Coach to rectify problems in an ongoing manner. The Sport Psychologist enters the equation only when the damage has been done. The Psychological Requirements of the Sport are the most important element of an Elite Program, so learn what they are, and how they operate. This is vital information. It must be learnt. I repeat that the use of the Sports Psychologist is to recover the Mental damage. Use this Program from the beginning and the Sports Psychologist becomes obsolete. Prevention is better than cure.

An understanding of Positive Self Discipline, Direction, Motivation, Control, Temperament, Personality Factors, Peace of Mind, Beliefs, Positive Expectations, Concentration, Confidence, Control of your Thoughts and numerous other psychological requirements must be included in your Training Program. I will guarantee you that this most important factor of your Program has not been taught to you. How then can you achieve your full potential?

The success of David Palmer to become number 1 in the World in his Sport is entirely due to this system, which he has used exclusively for the past three years, under the direction of Shaun Moxham. The same system will be used by Shaun for David’s recovery from his present serious illness, so you can observe it in action. That will be a true test.

This system has been designed strictly on the basis that all sports at elite level require Positive Mind Management Skills. These skills are detailed in the work of Gary Haseldines Positive Mind Management Program.

The ability to marry the Psychic Energy, the training of the Brain, with the physical energy, the raining of the Body, is of paramount importance to your progress. Again this is not taught to you. Note the graph in week 10 that shows the areas that you need to address.

The charts work by the pupils understanding of the learning techniques of the system. Each essential psychological factor is noted, and a definition is included. The pupils give themselves points for each factor on a scale of 1 to 10. The lowest scores are given priority, and a program is given to enhance the performance in those areas. If Positive Self Direction, Positive Expectations and Peace of Mind all score 1 point, then those areas are addressed.

What do these words mean? How do you improve these factors? What effect does a combination of these psychological requirements have on the pupil? Where do you begin the learning process?  Follow the Procedure on the right ...


To make self-hypnosis work, you must use auto suggestion. Suggestion is how you spell out your Goals, to instruct your subconscious to achieve those goals. Once you subconscious is in alignment with your conscious goals their achievement is guaranteed. You obtain that alignment by auto suggestion. You learn from this system how to formulate suggestions with Affirmation Cards and Tapes, and how to apply and to measure and evaluate them. A good suggestion repeated often enough will be accepted by the subconscious as true. Untrue thoughts become true for us. Although David Palmer was only 13 in the World he believed through this system that he was the number 1 and it became true. Perception becomes reality. The subconscious cannot differentiate between fact and fantasy.

Clearly this system clears out the negatives, deprogramming, and focuses on the positives, reprogramming, with the use of the combination of the Charts, Instructions and directions, and massively increases the opportunities to achieve realistic goals.

The athlete cannot grow another limb, change the aging process, grow extra centimetres, nor become a doctor by wearing a stethoscope, but you can make the subconscious work to you benefit rather than against you, by the use of this system.

This Mental Training is a method of retraining the mind to achieve more positive behaviours and outcomes by capitalising on our natural abilities to reach peak performance.





Psychological Profiling
of the four key areas






Ensure a calm atmosphere. Early morning in bed or just before retiring, by use of Relaxation Tapes, Self Hypnosis.

Design the program for each requirement. This may require Relaxation or Informative Tapes, Literature or simply a better understanding of what is necessary.

Design Affirmation Cards in the language of the pupil. They must be Positive, Present Tense, Achievable Goals, and must be repetitive. (Week 8)

Access the Alpha Brain Wave Zone (Week 5)

Concentrate and read the Affirmation Cards six times, twice each day, carry them in the bag and read them before and during a tournament.

Perform relaxation exercises.

Each month reappraise the Charts and obtain a new score. If you now score 3 for these areas, then concentrate on any lower score, say a 2, but reinforce these same areas each week. When the lowest score is 4 then concentrate on those areas as a major point, but still reinforce those that you have just completed. Continue until a score of 9 in every discipline is achieved.

The fundamental essentials of the System are the following: They are Vital to you.

* Understand and implement the Psychological Requirements of the Sport.
* Determine the capacity of each individual
* Implement an individualised training regimen for each athlete based on the athletes’ attitudes to those required by the sport.

Each problem that the athletes have, or presume that they have, is exposed by their responses to the questions raised by the Charts. By highlighting these problems from the Charts, in chronological order, the system can design programs for improvement by calling on internal or external methods. It may involve the use of a Sports Scientist, Tapes, Videos, or Literature, but improvement is guaranteed. The degree of improvement may well vary with each discipline and each pupil, but a solution is available for each problem area now exposed by the pupil, so guaranteeing success.

A score of 9 in each area is excellent as no one is perfect and 10 in every aspect is unachievable.


Coming in week 13:
Why this futuristic program is so successful