"THE 50"
Psychological Profiling of the four key areas:
Psychological, Physiological, Tactical, Technical   

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Well, I did ask Joe about the 50 requirements of the sport he keeps on referring to, as it wasnít clear to me. He explained it, and also pointed out his answer on Davidís site, in the Q&A column. I canít stress enough how interesting and informative those articles are and can only recommend that you browse through them, and probably come back to it once you have finished reading the whole program.
Coaching Q&A:

I am learning a lot about squash coaching from your writings. I would like to know the 50 requirements of squash, can you please email me the ones you use.

David Jarvis, 27-Nov-2003.

Joe Answers:

This is an excellent question practically impossible to answer without producing the Measurement and Evaluation Charts, but I shall do my best to assist you and all of the other readers who visit this site. On that point I am amazed to note that over 1000 hits a month is constantly occurring, so you deserve a proper detailed response, difficult though this may be. Again note that these programs are relevant to ALL Sports.

The number of "fifty" requirements of Squash or indeed many other sports, relates to the Psychological profiling of each individual. There are fifty items that we test on each individual to obtain what we term a "Psychological Profile."

For example, Positive Self Control , Discipline, Motivation, Direction, Control, Confidence, Determination, Self Image, Self Esteem, Self Concept, Self Ideal, Expectations, Belief, Freedom from Fear, Anger and Guilt, Peace of Mind, Persistence, Perseverance, Adversity, Criticism, Trust, Responsibility, Desire to Change, Creativity, Knowledge, Conscientiousness, Reliability, are some of these factors which we test on a monthly basis.

This is simply only one Tool that we use from our numerous Tools and Resources, and is purely another Guide to achieve success in your Sport. It is not the "fifty requirements of Squash" as you have stated.

We then give each item points out of ten, and work on those where your score is the lowest, say a 1 or a 2, and we utilise a particular "Resource" to improve that situation. Say that it is loss of Control or Concentration. We institute a program to improve control and Concentration. We can work on say four items at the one time. When we improve on those areas, and reach say a 4 out of 10, then we continue the Control and Concentration exercises, but add on others where the score was only 3, say Motivation or Direction. We continue to use all of our "Resources", until the scores are 9 or above.

Perfection is 10 in each discipline and is impossible to achieve on a regular basis. Note carefully that these programs are only successful for Elite Athletes and take years to master. In the case of David and Johnny it took five years until it all clicked into place, but look at the results!!!

Each sport has different major areas of Measurement and Evaluation. A high jumpers requirements differs dramatically from those of a Rugby player, and indeed a Rugby players requirements differ in the positional play. A Forward requires different training to a Back. A Squash Player requires different "Resources" to a Tennis Player. Hopefully you will now understand the dilemma in answering your question. If you refer to other Coaching Articles you will note that 98% of Elite players fail to achieve their full potential whatever that may be.

The reason as I have pointed out before is that the Coaches and Athletes don't know WHAT to do, don't know HOW to do it, don't HAVE these all important Resources, or don't want to change and don't WANT to do it.

Your question relates to only one of these all important "Resources". There are many others, some of which are on site. S.W.O.T. Analysis, Bell Graph, Self Contracts , Circular Pattern Charts, Goal Achievement Charts, Training Wheel, Assessment Charts, Measurement and Evaluation Charts, Affirmation Cards, Self Hypnosis, etc.

The Resources determines the success or failure to obtain your full potential. It is all a matter of Choice not of Talent nor Ability. Choose from these Resources and utilise those that you consider will benefit yourself and your pupils. Investigate, analyse, and obtain information from similar material to mine from various web sites, to better understand the requirements of your sport.

As stated there are not "fifty requirements", but there are
four areas
, Psychological, Physiological, Tactical and Technical to investigate. Then obtain all of the Resources as I have enumerated, or as many as possible and get an "Understanding of the Task", and Measure and Evaluate all results.

If you can't measure it - you can't understand it. If you can't understand it -you can't control it. If you can't control it - you can't change it.

I trust that this assists you in "Understanding" the requirements, and that I have explained the complexity to your satisfaction, thereby assisting you. I wish you well.





If you can't measure it -
you can't understand it.

If you can't understand it -
you can't
control it.

If you can't
control it -
you can't
change it.