German Open 2004
26-30 May 2004, Gerlingen, Germany
 PSA $20k, WISPA  $7k

30-May, FINALS:
Men's Final:
[1] Omar Elborolossy (Egy) bt [2] Adrian Grant (Eng)
      12/15, 15/14, 15/11, 15/3 (69m)

Women's Final:
[1] Laura Lengthorn (Eng) bt Kathrin Rohrmüller (Ger)
      9/3, 9/2, 2/9, 9/7 (43m)
Top seeds collect in Gerlingen

Egypt's Omar Elborolossy and England's Laura Lengthorn, both the number one seeds, triumphed in four-game finals to lift the men's and women's title, respectively, in the German Open in Gerlingen.

Elborolossy, the world No15 from Cairo who has not tasted PSA Tour title success since January 2003, was in sparkling form as he fought back from a game down to overcome England's No2 seed Adrian Grant in 69 minutes.

The success in the $20,000 event brought Elborolossy his biggest title of his career - and raised the 28-year-old's total PSA title haul to 12 in more than 11 years on the international circuit.

It was a disappointing outcome for the 23-year-old Londoner Grant, who made his senior international debut for England earlier this month.

Ranked 18 in the world, Grant arrived in the final after a tough five-game semi which lasted 90 minutes - almost twice the length of his opponent's encounter.

The women's final saw the eventual demise of unseeded German giant-killer Kathrin Rohrmüller, the 21-year-old from Rosenheim who despatched three seeds to reach the Gerlingen climax.

Lengthorn, the 20-year-old twice British Junior champion from Chorley in Lancashire, was simply too strong for her opponent in the final.

Despite a fight-back by Rohrmüller in the third game, Lengthorn maintained her composure to win in 43 minutes to claim her maiden WISPA World Tour title.

29-May, Semis: 
Rohrmüller Reaches Final
28-May, Quarters:
Top seeds gather
27-May, Round 2:
More shocks in Germany

Elborolossy & Grant The Finalists Lengthorn & Rohrmuller
Photos by Fritz Borchert
Men's German Open 2004  $20k
2nd Round
 Thu 27th
Fri 28th
Sat 29th
[1] Omar Elborolossy (EGY)
15/4, 15/8, 15/10 (42m)
[14] Matthew Giuffre (CAN)
Omar Elborolossy
15/12, 15/8, 4/15, 15/6 (70m)
Bradley Ball
Omar Elborolossy

15/10, 15/7, 15/10  (47m)

Majid Khan

Omar Elborolossy

12/15, 15/14, 15/11, 15/3 (69m)

Adrian Grant

[6] Hisham Moh'd Ashour (EGY)
15/2, 15/6, 15/9 (29m)
[11] Bradley Ball (ENG)
[3] Davide Bianchetti (ITA)
4/15, 9/15, 15/13, 15/5, 15/3 (93m)
[15] Majid Khan (PAK)
Majid Khan
15/10, 15/8, 15/7 (45m)
Christian Drakenberg
Khayal Muhammad (PAK)
13/15, 15/8, 16/17, 15/3, 15/5 (84m)
Christian Drakenberg (SWE)
[10] Alister Walker (ENG)
15/14, 8/15, 15/12, 15/12 (79m)
 Stacey Ross (ENG)
 Stacey Ross
12/15, 15/7, 15/13, 15/12 (82m)
Azlan Iskandar
Azlan Iskandar

10/15, 15/4, 15/10, 11/15, 15/9  (90m)

Adrian Grant

[12] Glenn Keenan (AUS)
15/9, 15/13, 15/5 (51m)
[4]  Azlan Iskandar (MAS)
Saeed Hassan (PAK)
15/9, 15/10, 13/15, 15/10 (69m)
[8] Mark Heather (ENG)
Saeed Hassan
15/6, 8/15, 15/11, 15/11 (70m)
Adrian Grant
Raj Nanda (AUS)
15/9, 5/15, 15/12, 11/15, 15/10 (69m)
[2] Adrian Grant (ENG)

First round, Wed 26th:
[1] Omar Elborolossy (EGY) bt [Q] Simon Baker (GER)  15-6, 15-4, 15-1 (31m)
[14] Matthew Giuffre (CAN) v Stefan Leifels (GER)  15/12, 15/6, 17/16 (46m)
[6] Hisham Moh'd Ashour (EGY) bt [Q] Mark Krajcsak (HUN)  15-12, 15-8, 15-12 (34m)
[11] Bradley Ball (ENG) bt Dylan Bennett (NED)  15-10, 15-9, 12-15, 15-13 (57m)
[3] Davide Bianchetti (ITA) bt [Q] Duncan Walsh (ENG)  15-11, 15-13, 15-11 (47m)
[15] Majid Khan (PAK) bt Laurent Elriani (FRA) 15-5, 15-3, 15-11 (44m)
Khayal Muhammad (PAK) bt [7] Lee Drew (ENG)  15-13, 13-15, 15-12, 15-9 (70m)
Christian Drakenberg (SWE) bt [16] Scott Handley (ENG) 15-12,15-8,8-15,7-15,15-7 (72)
[10] Alister Walker (ENG) bt [Q] Andre Holderegger (SUI)  15-9, 17-16, 15-3 (47m)
Stacey Ross (ENG) bt [9] Lars Harms (SUI)  15-17, 15-6, 13-15, 15-10, 15-4 (96m)
[12] Glenn Keenan (AUS) bt Derek Ryan (IRL)  13-15, 15-3, 15-8, 15-6 (40m)
[4]  Azlan Iskandar (MAS) bt [Q] Luca Mastrostefano (ITA)  10-15, 15-3 rtd (18m)
Saeed Hassan (PAK) bt [Q] Jesse Engelbrecht (ZIM) 15-6, 7-15, 15-5, 15-7 (47m)
[8] Mark Heather (ENG) bt [Q] Simon Rösner (GER)  10-15, 15-8, 17-16, 15-8 (56m)
Raj Nanda (AUS) bt [13] Liam Kenny (IRL)  15-11, 10-15, 15-11, 11-15, 15-10 (81m)
[2] Adrian Grant (ENG) bt [Q] Michael Fiteni (NED)  8-15, 15-7, 15-3, 15-2 (61m)

Qualifying finals:
Duncan Walsh (ENG) bt Badr Abdel Aziz (SWE) 13-15, 15-10, 15-10, 15-12 (62m)
Luca Mastrostefano (ITA) bt Manuel Fistonic (GER) 15-5, 17-16, 15-10 (48m)
Andre Holderegger (SUI) bt Johann Seestaller (GER) 15-11, 15-13, 11-15, 15-9 (88m)
Simon Baker (GER) bt Amr Mansi (EGY) 17-15, 15-10, 11-15, 15-11 (100m)
Jesse Engelbrecht (ZIM) bt Patrick Gaessler (GER) 15-2, 15-2, 15-10 (37m)
Michael Fiteni (NED) bt Andrea Bianchetti (ITA) 15-6, 15-12, 15-4 (70m)
Simon Rösner (GER) bt Oliver Post (GER) 15-2, 15-9, 15-7 (25m)
Mark Krajcsak (HUN) bt Nico Limmeroth (GER) 15-7, 15-4, 15-8 (29m)

Women's German Open 2004, $7k
1st Round Thu 27th Quarters Fri 28th Semis Sat 29th Final Sun 30th
[1] Laura Lengthorn (Eng)
9/6, 9/3, 9/0 (18m)
[Q] Chinatsu Matsui (Jpn)
Laura Lengthorn
9/0, 9/2, 9/4 (21m)
Orla Noom
Laura Lengthorn

9/4, 9/5, 8/10, 9/1  (57m)

Raneem El Weleily
Laura Lengthorn

9/3 9/2 2/9 9/7 (43m)

Kathrin Rohrmueller

[7] Orla Noom (Ned)
9/5, 9/2, 6/9, 9/1 (37m)
[Q] Kirsty McPhee (Eng)
[3] Raneem El Weleily (Egy)
9/6, 9/3, 10/9 (34m)
Milja Dorenbos (Ned)
Raneem El Weleily
9/4, 4/9, 9/1, 9/3 (33m)
Margriet Huisman
[8] Margriet Huisman (Ned)
9/1, 5/9, 10/8, 9/0 (53m)
[Q] Olivia Hauser (Sui)
Nicolette Fernandes (Guy)
9/1, 9/1, 9/0 (30m)
[6] Line Hansen (Den)
Line Hansen
10/9, 9/4, 9/0 (26m)
Karen Kronemeyer
Line Hansen

8/10, 9/5, 9/4, 9/6  (38m)

Kathrin Rohrmueller
[Q] Dagmar Vermuelen (Ned)
9/1, 9/4, 9/4 (25m)
[4] Karen Kronemeyer (Ned)
Manuela Manetta (Ita)
6/9, 9/10, 9/6, 9/5, 9/7 (56m)
[5] Amnah El Trabolsy (Egy)
Amnah El Trabolsy
9/3, 9/3, 9/4 (26m)
Kathrin Rohrmueller
Kathrin Rohrmueller (Ger)
3/9, 9/6, 9/3, 9/36
[2] Eman El Amir (Egy)

Qualifying Finals:
Kirsty McPhee (ENG) bt Petra Vihar (SLO)  9-0, 9-0, 9-0  (21m)
Olivia Hauser (SUI) bt Daniela Schumann (GER)  9-1, 9-0, 9-0  (18m)
Dagmar Vermeulen (NED) bt Carola Weiss (GER)  5-9, 8-10, 9-4, 9-0, 9-5  (66m)
Chinatsu Matsui (JPN) bt Ivy Pochoda (USA)  10-9, 9-7, 9-1  (35m)

Qualifying First Round:
Kirsty McPhee (ENG) bye
Petra Vihar (SLO) bt Valeria Vinnikova (GER) 7-9 10-8 9-6 4-9 9-2 (50m)
Olivia Hauser (SUI) bye
Daniela Schumann (GER) bye
Dagmar Vermeulen (NED) bye
Carola Weiss (GER) bye
Chinatsu Matsui (JPN) bt Cristina die Sacco (ITA) 9-0 9-1 9-0 (25m)
Ivy Pochoda (USA) bye


29-May, Semi-Finals:

Photos by Fritz Borchert

Rohrmüller Reaches German Open Final
Runner-up in the German National Championships for the first time at the beginning of this year, unseeded Kathrin Rohrmüller is now just one step away from lifting the country's Open title after reaching the final in Gerlingen.

The 21-year-old from Rosenheim will face England's top seed Laura Lengthorn, while the men's final will feature the two top seeds Omar Elborolossy of Egypt and Adrian Grant from England.

With a new-found confidence after beating the second and fifth seeds to reach the last four, Rohrmüller swept to her third successive upset when she dismissed Denmark's sixth seed Line Hansen 8-10 9-5 9-4 9-6 in 38 minutes to register her WISPA final debut.

Favourite Lengthorn had a tougher battle to reach her fourth WISPA World Tour final. It took the 20-year-old from Chorley in Lancashire 57 minutes to overcome Egypt's remarkable 15-year-old Raneem El Weleily 9-4 9-5 8-10 9-1.

In the men's event, Egypt's No1 seed Omar Elborolossy ended the brave run of Pakistan's Majid Khan when he beat the 15th seed 15-10 15-7 15-10 in 47 minutes to reach the 17th PSA Tour final of his career.

The other semi-final was an evenly-contested encounter in which second seed Adrian Grant survived his fourth successive match lasting more than an hour to quash fourth seed Moh'd Azlan Iskandar in a 90-minute five-game marathon.

The 23-year-old Londoner's 10-15 15-4 15-10 11-15 15-9 victory over the Malaysian takes Grant into his 12th PSA final.

Photos by Fritz Borchert

28-May, Quarters:
Top seeds gather in Gerlingen
After two days of upsets, the final stages of the German Open in Gerlingen are beginning to take on an orderly look. Top seeds in the men's event, Omar Elborolossy and Adrian Grant moved into the last four with 3/1 victories, while women's top seed Laura Lengthorn will face third seed Raneem El Weleily in the top half of the draw.

Home interest was maintained as Germany's unseeded Kathrin Rohrmueller continued her impressive run with a 3/0 victory over Amnah El Trabolsy.

Alister Walker & Stacey Ross in Gerlingen ...27-May:
More Upsets in Gerlingen

Another day of upsets in Gerlingen saw 5 upsets in the men's first round, and only one in the women's - but it was to the delight of the home supporters that Germany's Kathryn Rohrmueller ousted second seed Eman El Amir.

The longest match of the day saw Azlan Iskander beat Stacey Ross 3/1 in 82 minutes.
"I was 12-8 up in the third to go 2-1 up, but gave it away," said a disappointed Ross.

Local hopefuls fall in Gerlingen
German interest in the men's competition ended in the first round, as German champion Stefan Liefels fell to Canada's Matthew Giuffre, and the qualifying Simons, Baker & Rösner , also fell.

Top seed Omar Elborolossy quickly disposed of Baker in 31 minutes, but second seed Adrian Grant faced a sterner test, taking over an hour to see off the challenge of Michel Fiteni.

English players were the victims of two upsets, as Lee Drew and Scott Handley were beaten by Khayal Muhammad and Christian Drakenberg, respectively, but Stacey Ross caused an upset of his own, beating Swiss Champion Lars Harms in a marathon 96-minute match.

Simons Score In German Open Qualifiers
Simon Rösner and Simon Baker fought through the final qualifying round of the German Open in Gerlingen to triple the local interest in the $20,000 event which makes a welcome return to the PSA Tour for the first time since 1992.

Baker battled for 100 minutes to overcome higher-ranked Egyptian Amr Mansi 17-15 15-10 11-15 15-11 and is rewarded with a place in the first round against another Egyptian - top seed Omar Elborolossy.

Rösner had a more straightforward encounter against Oliver Post, beating his fellow countryman 15-2 15-9 15-7 in 25 minutes to earn a first round clash with England's eighth seed Mark Heather.

Domestic hopes will be led by German National champion Stefan Leifels who meets Canada's 14th seed Matthew Giuffre.

German Open back on the circuit
The European circuit moves on from the Hague to Gerlingen, with the resurrected German Open featuring a 32-man $20k PSA and $7k WISPA draw.

It's eight years since the last German Open, but the DSRV is aiming to make it an annual event.

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