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Matthew/Selby ‘Back to Squash’ Exhib Tour

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Three-time World Champion Nick Matthew will embark on a 10 club exhibition tour in September

Sweatband.com  backs Matthew v Selby ‘Back to Squash’ Exhibition Tour

On the day that squash courts reopen across England, sports and fitness equipment specialist Sweatband.com has announced it is supporting the Back to Squash Exhibition Tour, hosted by Nick Matthew OBE and Daryl Selby.

As part of a concerted effort to support the sport, www.sweatband.com will partner with British squash legends Nick Matthew OBE and Daryl Selby for the exhibition tour, which will commence in September.

The Back to Squash Tour will be played in ten separate venues across the country, scheduled to coincide with the start of the new squash season and culminating the week before World Squash Day 2021.

The exhibition matches will be played out between Nick Matthew OBE and Daryl Selby; Nick is the former World No.1 and multiple-time British and World Open champion, while Daryl is former World No.9 and British National champion.

Intimate venues will give spectators the chance to see two of Britain’s most prestigious squash players up close and personal, who will interact with the crowd as well as battle it out with each other.

There will be a limited number of tickets available for each leg of the tour, and these can be purchased via the individual clubs.

As well as giving the squash community a chance to see two of Britain’s greats do battle on the court, the Back to Squash Tour aims to get more people involved at all levels of the sport.

Maz Darvish, CEO of sports and fitness equipment specialists www.sweatband.com , said:

“Despite there being an estimated 200,000 people in the UK that play squash every week, the sport still receives a disproportionate amount of attention. The Back To Squash tour for us represents an opportunity to support this fantastic sport, connect with the squash community and inspire more people to take up the sport after visiting the clubs, all while working alongside two legends of the game.”

Commenting on the tour, Daryl Selby said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in the Back to Squash Tour. The last 12 months have been very difficult for everyone and especially us squash lovers. So, with the help of the team at sweatband.com – who have made this possible, myself and the legend that is Nick Matthew, will be touring around 10 different clubs to help inspire people to pick up their rackets again and get playing our beautiful game. Hope to see you on court again soon.”

Adding to this, Nick Matthew OBE said:

“It’s great to be back on court again and buzzing to be doing battle with my great rival Daryl Selby. It’s fantastic that sweatband.com is involved and supporting the Back to Squash Tour and to help us get into as many clubs as possible and get people playing squash again. The other key point is the help of sweatband.com in bringing events that connect with the UK squash community and bring clubs back to life after this last year. Really looking forward to the dates in September.”