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Paul Coll

The indispensable magazine for serious Squash Players
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When do you prepare your bag for a tournament?

Usually the night before I leave, I get everything packed and ready, as I always forget something!

What bags do you use?
I’m currently using Eye Rackets International’s. I have a travel bag and a racket bag.

What do you include in them?
I normally take six rackets, freshly strung and weighed identically; three pairs of shoes; six replacement grips and a couple of sets of replacement strings depending on how long I’m away for; four or five different coloured shirts, five of each colour; protein and isotonic drinks, energy gels and my personalised supplement programme from Strong Supplies; some breakfast foods, chia and flax seeds and oatmeal.

What personal things do you put in?
I pack a book and my headphones. I also take my laptop and iPad for my work with IWI Athletica. IWI Athletica is a new company I am starting with two other guys. We are New Zealand-based and want to become a local bonding hub for our local sports communities. We have some innovative material and designs to be released around the end of this year or next year. Please follow me on Instagram for more info!

When do you start thinking about packing?
I normally start preparing a week before by getting my personal stringer, Jard Baljet from QSS, to send me six identical rackets. He is the best in the business!

What do you take on a plane?
I try to take one racket and one pair of shoes in case my bag gets lost. I also take snacks, a book, my headphones, laptop and iPad.

What rackets do you take?
Eye Rackets V.Lite 115.

How did you decide on this model?
I have always used a teardrop shape and when I moved to Eye Rackets, they created one to my specs.

How are they prepared?
Jard weighs and strings them identically, so there is no difference in any of them.

What grips do you use and how long do they last?
I use Eye Rackets’ – they are the best grip I have ever used. I can leave them on for three to four weeks at a time. However, I like fresh grips at the start of every tournament.

What strings do you use and what tension are they?
Eye Rackets X.Tech green 1.25mm. Jard strings all my rackets at 11kg (just over 24 pounds).

After how many matches are your rackets restrung?
Usually every two weeks. I always get fresh ones pre-tournament.

How are your rackets balanced?
QSS stores and tunes my rackets so that I can’t tell the difference when I pick them up out of my bag.

Do you play them in?
Nope – I go straight into competition with the ‘freshies’.

What is one (or more) personal thing you take that is different to other players and how do you use it?
I am from a land of warriors and I take this ‘mana’ onto court with me.