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05.10.2008 AN OPEN LETTER TO

Emeritus President
World Squash Federation
Susie Simcock

Dear Susie

The WSF motion, to be put at the federation’s AGM (18th October) to compel a completely unsuspecting sport to move to universal PAR 11 scoring will do nothing to enhance the sport or help it to take its rightful place in the Olympics as the most athletic of racket sports. In my opinion, it will strip the game of a vital dimension.

It seems like a small group of officials have lost contact with their base in the sport and instead of defending the fundamental principles of the game are in the process of dumbing it down.

If we look at the evidence put before us to justify this move, it looks embarrassing. The motion states: ‘This motion is based on the main recommendation of the Working Group, this is, that the entire sport merges to Point-a-Rally scoring to 11 points.

I have looked into the research of the Working Group, discussed the methodology with the group's leader and looked at the results. I’d like to make these observations:

  • The leader was very disappointed with the take-up.

  • Of the 2,000 or so responses they had no idea, I quote, ‘whether this was 200 (self selected people) doing this 10 times each or not’.

  • The group does not think this is in any way a representative sample of the sport as a whole.

  • The group wanted to present what they had done and let it stand by itself. They were pushed to make a recommendation and stated: ‘we should not have been asked for it.’

  • A recommendation was made that in no way is based on the

  • When asked if there was a desire from those tested to abolish traditional scoring, the answer was “No, not at all”.

The research was very limited and in no way appropriate to the task of providing evidence for such and important decision that will affect the very nature of squash. The results do not say what is claimed for them. In essence, it is a sham.

The Working Group seems to have come under political pressure to make a recommendation that they know the evidence does not support. This is a scandal!

There is no need whatsoever to abolish traditional scoring and there is no ground-swell from the base of our sport. On the contrary, many highly experienced people at the base are, rightly, shocked at the move. But many are not even aware of the move. Even the working group found that 47% would choose traditional if forced to opt for unified scoring. This is not playing with a scoring system, this is playing with the fundamental nature of our game.

This needs your immediate attention. The motion is based on a house of cards and should be withdrawn before it falls down pulling our Olympic dreams down with it.

Yours most sincerely

Chris Hadden
Squash Academy Switzerland
Creator ASB Rainbow Court


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