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Masters Reaction to PARS to 11 Proposal
At the first Regional Masters event of the season PARS was accessed writes Martin Pearce

To the Squash. Some very, very high quality matches and PARS. I have to state here, we did an analysis. Virtually every match scorecard was “PARS-ED” afterwards. Horrible reading for squash lovers. ALL matches except for a couple of 9/0  9/2  9/0  jobs were AT LEAST 33% shorter, e.g. one match - 79 rallies to finish the match on PARS instead of 126 for the actual. In one case and completely coincidentally, it involved yours truly, the match on PARS to 11 would have been over in just 20 minutes, in actual fact the real match took 67 minutes!.

My opponent, one Geoffrey Howes Esq., is one of the best exponents of comebacks, so at 2/9  0/9  5/8  he no doubt would have been very p***d off at that exact moment as he would have already been in the dressing room if PARS had been the scoring method. 40 odd minutes later, the score was 8-8 in the fifth and the gallery really had their monies worth, 10 match balls before the victor emerged. Not that, in the grand scheme of things, it did me much good. There was a long discussion afterwards and unless I am mistaken, the vast majority of Masters want to keep the normal scoring.

Has Tennis changed? No!! It’s a political decision and it has not been trialed properly yet for amateur enthusiasts. I spoke at length to a friend of mine who used to train with the person who actually introduced PARS, one Gawain Briers, and he categorically stated it was only introduced for Professionals, to lengthen their playing careers, shorten their matches for their health and TV and a bit more besides. It was not introduced for Masters, who need all the exercise they can get. Anyway, AW is emailing all the players registered with the following:

  • a) Read Ian McKenzie's article on the Website (the second one)

  • b) Make up your mind

  • c) Vote Yes or No


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