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PAR 11 for sanctioned events
Traditional the norm elsewhere

England Squash makes a statement on its’ policy as the rules debate continues.

Much has been made recently of the World Squash Federation’s forthcoming proposal to change squash’s scoring system to Point a Rally (PAR). England Squash has been considering the implications of the proposal, as well as the recent decision by the European Squash Federation to introduce PAR for all its sanctioned tournament events - and in particular its effect on both the competitive and recreational game.

In order to avoid disadvantaging our senior and junior players in international competition, England Squash has introduced PAR for all ES sanctioned events from 1 September 2008.

However, the governing body has no intention of imposing a change in scoring system elsewhere. Although many counties and clubs have taken the decision independently to introduce PAR in various competitions, traditional scoring is the norm at this level, and for many adult players it will continue to be the most suitable way of playing squash.

Zena Wooldridge, Chairman of England Squash, said “Squash evolves like everything else. Racket and ball technology and the introduction of glass back and all glass courts have moved the sport on – reviewing the scoring system is just another stage in our evolution. We recognise the need to strike a balance between supporting the global pressures for adapting the top end of the game, providing a lead for such changes within the competitive structure in England, and being responsive to the needs of the core of the game in counties and clubs.”

Nick Rider, Chief Executive, added “We’re not going to force anyone to do anything. We believe PAR will develop organically, but of course we’ll be sensitive to the needs of players at national, county and club level – and our different age groups. Just as the choice of ball will impact on the quality of the playing experience, it is important to encourage the most appropriate scoring system at different levels of the game.”

The Inter County competition, which has been played with traditional scoring since 1929, is a non-sanctioned event. In this PAR is being trialled over the next twelve months. The trial only applies to junior Inter County events and the senior Premier Division finals weekend. England Squash took the decision based upon feedback from counties, and state they will be keeping a close eye on how it works out throughout the season.

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