Finals Day

Power thrashes Lincou

Power beats Lincou 11-7, 11-6, 11-2 (41m)

The heroics for Thierry Lincou had been in the semi-final for in the final there was nothing he could do against a pacy onslaught from Jonathon Power that just got better and better.

“I did everything I could and Jonathon Power played at a high pace I couldn’t match,” said Lincou.

Power started as the playmaker slotting in his drops, flicking his backswing and following through deceptively with his full followthrough. Two strokes put Lincou into the frame, the first, harsh and loudly protested by Power to give Lincou 5-4 but that small window was soon snatched away as Power applied the pressure and the winners kept come with pace and deception – four in a hand. A drop off the back, an inch up that barely bounced was played off a very good length from Lincou and was virtually unplayable. Perhaps that was a portent of Lincou’s night.

The first was won 11-7 in 17 minutes. Power’s fast reflexs were well in evidence now and put to good use. He was comfortable at speed up in front of the short line hitting winning drops, deceptive trickle boasts, volleys were snapped away just has they emerge from a blurred zone in which they cannot be seen Power was angling them all over the court. There were lobs to, straight floated rallies and straight lobs from the front but there was little chance for Lincou to settle. Against Palmer Power complained of not being able to get into the front corners and counter drop. Against Lincou he was breathtakingly fast into the corners and time and again the world no.1 had to pull up short. Power was reading it easily now. The second was won 11-6

In hindsight Lincou may feel that for a player with Power’s speed that he let him into the front too often and that in trying to match his pace he was too loose. In the third he tried to establish length and perhaps to slow the game but it was too late. The dream of another brilliant comeback, as he conjured against Palmer was just that a dream.

“He ran out of ideas,” said Power simply later.

Lincou was forced into error frequently in the third, often by clinging balls for Power was not just playing at pace but his tightness was an added frustration for the Frenchman.
The third was won 11-2.

‘I got more and more comfortable as I went on. I was really seeing it. The more matches I play the bigger the ball gets. In the early round I’m guessing.”

“I started to play better in January and I was unlucky in a few matches and ran into a very hot John White which took the wind out of my sails but I was moving in the right direction.”

For eight months I have been liking squash again. I have gone for the buzz of playing and winning and not just the points or the money. I have won in Bermuda and won here. If I can keep my body in shape I can get right back to the top.”

Event promoter Satinder Bajwa flanked by Jonathon Power and Thierry Lincou.


Power's speed and deception has Lincou in all sorts of trouble.


Power in front and in control.


Beachill wins the 3/4 play-off against Palmer.



Power receives the winners trophey.


Power plays at a pace that Lincou cannot match to take  his second Super Series Finals title.