Fri 16th May, 2003:

[2] Jonathon Power  bt [1] Peter Nicol
     15-11, 10-15, 13-15, 15-4, 15-14  (107m)


Ian mcKenzie reports from Broadgate

Jonathon Power claimed his first Super Series Finals title, beating three-time winner Peter Nicol on the final, sudden-death, point of a great squash match that spanned 107 minutes and had everything.

Power was away quickly, swishing his racket magically with winners flowing so swiftly that Nicol struggled to adapt to the early pace. The Canadian was moving easily and dominated the first, hitting 9 winners to Nicol's three to take it 15/11.

It looked like Nicol was going to have his work cut out to maintain his unbeaten record in 2003, but just when Power was in a position to press home his advantage he let Nicol off the hook. Two unforced errors early in the second gave Nicol a slender lead, and Power's shots loosened up just a little. In the first game the ball had rolled down the walls, now it drifted out, and Power was marginally slack in covering some of his shots.

Nicol now had balls to work with, and he took advantage, establishing a 10-4 lead. In PARS scoring it's normally suicidal to fall this far behind, but suddenly Power was slotting in winners again. "Back to work Peter," came a cry from the crowd (from Nicol's coach, in fact), but Power continued to edge back and came to 9-10.

At 10-12 Power received a "no let" that left the Canadian prostrate on the floor while his racket was flung towards the back wall, and most of the crowd bemused. A conduct warning followed as Power questioned referee Dean Clayton's interpretation of "making every effort". The referee would play a major part in this match, but more of that later.

Nicol closed out the second, to his, and his coach's relief.

The third game could be awarded to the referee. His policy of "no let" on "minimal interference" was severe, and he appeared to be on a mission in this game. Firstly Power fell victim to several harsh decisions and it disrupted his play. Then Nicol - perhaps the player who plays the ball most of all - was penalised as the referee received much advice from the crowd. In the play, Power had found his length again and at times forced the easy ball from Nicol which he used to send his opponent scurrying all over the court. Nicol was in trouble, and the momentum was with Power again, but then some errors let Nicol back in.

At the end Power was to say "I didn't play the big points well, except the last one" but we will come to that. Power had the chance to dominate, but squandered it as Nicol stayed ahead to take the third 15/13 and go 2/1 up.

The fourth was tight for a few rallies, but all the work Nicol had done, earlier in the week and earlier in the match, began to tell. Once Power established a few points lead Nicol stopped running and lost it 15-4. Was he finished, or was he saving himself for the fifth. We would soon know.

Nicol was under pressure from the start of the final game, but he struggled on, running down apparent winners and rescuing seemingly-lost causes. Power controlled much of the play, but Nicol just hung in, took it to 7-all, and hit winners to go to 10-7.

Power contrived an injury break, twisting for a ball that was beyond him and falling spectacularly. "No let, self-inflicted injury" intoned the referee as Power walked off his apparent cramp. "No, no, no," cried Power. "Someone in the crowd shot me with a pellet gun!". The roars of laughter grew louder when Nicol chipped in with "Good shot!".

It looked like a match Power should have won was drifting away from him. Then there came the drama that has made this such a brilliant event. Power came back to level, and in dramatic scenes they levelled at 12 all, 13 all, and when Nicol saved match ball with a brilliant forehand volley drop on a crosscourt that Power did not put quite wide enough, at 14 all.

Those in the crowd who were watching Power would have seen the single finger raised.
"I have been on the pro tour for 13 years and I have never called set three, so I was not about to start now," said Power afterwards.

Those not watching knew when the referee called "14-all, match ball," and there was a murmur of anticipation as the players grinned at each other and then the crowd fell silent. It was not silent for long.

Nicol served, and on the fourth shot of the rally the ball struck by Power disappeared down the forehand and died out of Nicol's reach. The crowd rose to their feet to hail the new champion, and a great match.

The whole week, the whole tournament had come down to the last point and Power took it 15-14. The standing ovation was well deserved. Get the video.

  • Corporate Challenge Final
    Steve Richardson bt Mark Baker  9/2, 9/5
  • 3/4:  Thierry Lincou bt Anthony Ricketts
            13/15, 15/13, 9/7 (3rd to 9)


Conduct warning Power,
for saying 'Jesus'

"No, I said JEEZ, that's
someone totally different!"


No let to Power,
'self-inflicted injury''

"No, no, no, someone in the crowd shot me with a pellet gun!"

Nicol: "Good shot!"

"How is that not a let?"

"Minimal interference"

"So you want me to do a somersault ??"


'So are you looking forward to continuing the rivalry in Qatar?'

"No, I'm ahead in the series
 now, that's it, I quit!"