Joe Shaw:
Each week we'll be presenting another part of Joe's revolutionary coaching programme, that helped guide David Palmer and John White to the top of the game.

The Program is applicable to all sports, and represents an invaluable resource for any coaches who have the foresight,
the inspiration, and the commitment to make it work for them.


The full program,
as originally published,
is available on the
Coaching section of
David Palmer's website.

25-July, Week ONE:

Why elite coaches of all sports
require a futuristic training program.

Coaching is no longer about teaching just Technique. Coaching at an elite level has developed into a full time profession. Coaching now involves skills in Organisation, Communication, Transformative Leadership, understanding and implementing the Psychological Requirements of the Sport, having the ability to develop individual athletes' capacity to cope with all of these requirements, and the ability to devise futuristic training programs specifically designed for that particular athlete.

A Coach must be technically knowledgeable, be trained in motivational and psychic energy skills, be able to listen and to decode the information from the Athlete, understand how to pass on all of that information that enables the Athletes the opportunity of achieving their full potential whatever that may be. Then the Coach must be able to devise a unique individual program specific to each individual athlete, yet at the same time develop a Team Culture, not an easy task.

Coaches are threatened and afraid of Change, because Change causes stress. Change causes embarrassment and a challenge or a crisis for what is deemed acceptable practice, but which in future demands an ever-increasing success rate. Coaches feel threatened and reject this necessary change, and so the stress continues.

Sports Administrators are only interested in highly structured programs based on proven academic theory with a successful history in the market place, so they refuse to accept change. Whether such a system even exists is debatable, but Sports Psychologists so often prove to be ineffective, because the problems are already inherent.

We have produced a program based on self-analysis Charts that highlights all of these problems before they occur. We are, each week, going to disclose and describe each of these items, and discover the problems before they occur. These Psychological Assessments will ultimately be disclosed, then you can assess whether your Coach could improve their results with you, by using these techniques.

Change is inevitable and it is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding. Change is a vital element for continuous improvement and it must be evolutionary. Achievable Goals remain the key to successful Change. It is a natural emotion to resist Change, yet it is equally natural for all Coaches to desire continuous improvement in the performance of our Athletes. Change will only occur and be accepted by those of you reading this today, when you are convinced that your present programs can be instantaneously improved.

You must change your thinking in the present,
if you are to change your results in the future.




Psychological Profiling
of the four key areas





You must change your thinking in the present,
if you are to change your results in the future.






Week Two:
All Sports have Four distinct Areas