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Jansher's services 'not required'  23-Nov
Former champion Jansher Khan's hopes of coming in as national junior coach were dashed on Saturday by the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), according to a report in Pakistan's Dawn.

Jansher, who won almost everything the game had to offer in his heyday, was keen to take up coaching of the junior lot, but his proposal was rejected by the PSF's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Rawalpindi. Insiders told Dawn that Jansher had submitted a porposal to the PSF some months ago in which he had expressed his desire to train the junior players. But his request was turned down for two main reasons.

Sources say that he wanted a salary higher than current coach Rehmat Khan, who is said to be drawing around Rs 100,000 a month. Besides, the players he planned to coach were already doing well. Again, his idea of staging the camp in Pesahwar, was rejected by the AGM which felt that with Rehmat Khan doing a fine job, Jansher's services were not required.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's Daily News reports that Rehmat's role has been restricted to juniors only, and that a new coach is being sought for senior players. AGM details from The Daily Times

Emerging Nations given World Open shot  21-Nov
Five players ranked outside the world top 100 will compete in next month's Men's World Open Squash Championship in Pakistan as the result of a co-operation between the WSF and event owners the PSA. The players from Hungary, Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany and South Africa have been accepted into the event's qualification tournament, from which eight qualifiers will gain entry into the main event in Lahore from 14-21 December.

The PSA provides up to eight places for nominations from WSF Members, who usually provide their number one ranked player, but lower if they already qualify in terms of PSA ranking. Priority is given to nations not already represented in the draw, which applies to both Hungary and Yugoslavia.

"The WSF and PSA work closely together to ensure that all WSF Member Nations have the opportunity to showcase their top player in the premier men's individual championship of the year," said WSF Chief Executive Ted Wallbutton. "We appreciate this cooperation and believe that it will help to generate new destinations on the PSA World Tour in the emerging Squash nations."

The players who will benefit from this scheme next month are: Mark Krajcsak (Hungary, ranked 254); Andrea Capella (Italy, 155); Stefan Leifels (Germany, 110); Ivan Djordjevic (Yugoslavia, 274); and Adrian Hansen (South Africa, unranked).

Press conference in Lahore - photo from Pakistan Daily Times ...Meanwhile, at a press conference in Lahore, Punjab Squash Association (PSA) president Zarrar Azim stated that “Except Stewart Boswell of Australia all the leading players have confirmed their participation in this mega event which offers a total cash prize of $170,000.

“We are all set to hold this premier event in a befitting and trend setting manner," he added. "Courts are ready, arena is ready, all the four stands for audience are ready.” He said everything had been done ahead of time and a number of committees were formed to hold the event in a successful manner.

56 players will be placed directly in the main draw first round, 32 will play in the qualifying rounds and eight will qualify for the main draw – making a total of 64 in the main draw.

World Open Coverage

Squash makes Sport England's Top Ten  18-Nov
Sport England has unveiled radical changes to the way sport is funded in a bid to
recreate the success enjoyed by England at the fifth Rugby World Cup in Australia. The organisation, which distributes National Lottery money, is to cut back its financial support of minor sports to concentrate on major sports.

Sport England officials have set up a lottery fund of £130 million for the top 20 sports in Britain and have vowed to ensure that the funds will not disappear down a black hole.
The new system is similar to those that have been operating in Australia and France for years. And it comes after research revealed that although £1.5 billion has been given to sport since the National Lottery began in 199, there has been only a 0.3 per cent increase in participation in sport.

Sport England chief executive Roger Draper said: "In the past Sport England distributed money pretty much on an ad-hoc basis and much of it disappeared never to be heard of again.
Our job is to get more people involved in sport and to increase our success at the highest level.

"Rugby union is an example for other sports. We have already put £8 million into their world-class performance plan and their target was to be world number one and win the World Cup by 2007 - now they have an excellent chance to achieve that four years ahead of schedule.
The last time we won a major world trophy was in 1966 so England's success in reaching the rugby union World Cup final is of huge significance."

The sports to be given priority for funding are split into two sections:

There are ten Sport England priority sports: badminton, cricket, football, golf, hockey, netball, rugby union, rugby league, squash, and tennis.
And there are ten UK Sport priority sports: athletics, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, gymnastics, judo, rowing, triathlon, sailing and swimming.

These sports will receive 80 per cent of all funding distributed by Sport England and funding is to be synchronised with the Olympic four-year cycle, beginning in April 2005.
In order to win funding, each sport's governing body will have to submit a business plan by March 2004 showing how it would use the cash over a four-year cycle. If successful, each sport will have to provide evidence of their successes in order to continue to receive the money.

Patrick Carter, the trouble-shooter who rescued Wembley and the Commonwealth Games before being appointed chairman of Sport England, said:

"We have researched how other nations have streamlined their sporting infrastructures and are applying lessons learned to increase participation in England and become a successful sporting nation. We have allocated £130 million of new money to 20 sports - those sports considered most important by the nation - to act as a driver for increased participation and sporting success."

In terms of success in the 20 major sports, the UK comes tenth, behind leaders Australia and the second-placed USA.
And that is the reason why Sport England is to concentrate on major sports. But the organisation has insisted that it is also committed to working with the following others to develop business plans: basketball, boxing, bowls, karate, lacrosse, movement & dance, outdoor pursuits (angling and mountaineering), rounders / baseball / softball, table tennis, and volleyball.

NB: In a lunchtime feature on radio 5 live, a representative from one of the minority sports outside the list was interviewed as to the possible repercussions for his sport ... you guessed it, Matthew Syed.

Squash causes Tube strike ???  14-Nov
London commuters face transport chaos due to the Tube strike caused by the sacking of a tube driver for allegedly playing squash while off work on sick leave. Report from London's Evening Standard ...

It is the strike over a Tube driver sacked for allegedly playing squash while off work on sick leave.

Chris Barrett lost his £32,000-a-year job after CCTV footage apparently showed him leaving an Islington sports centre. This was later seen by Tube bosses. He had been off work with an injured ankle for several months. Mr Barrett, who lives in Hackney, maintains he was told by doctors that exercise would help speed up his recovery.

He said: "I was not playing squash. I was just exercising my ankle on a squash court. I have got two letters, from my GP and my sports-injury therapist, so you tell me if I'm in the wrong."

A union ballot showed a clear majority in favour of strike action, with the union insisting that Mr Barrett be reinstated. A London Underground spokeswoman said: "Playing competitive squash is incompatible with the reasons this employee gave us for sick leave. He has exhausted the appeals process and we believe this dismissal was appropriate and fair."  

Full story from the Evening Standard

Jersey players stay at home  07-Nov
 JUST three Jersey players are taking part in the Channel Islands individual squash championships in Guernsey this weekend, reports This is Jersey   Results

John Wood will fly the flag for the Caesareans in the men's tournament while Ronnie Jubb, the current CI champion, and Kate Cadigan will compete for the ladies' title.

Jersey's Michael Hopkins, the men's CI champion, is not defending his title because of injury. Hopkins said: 'I'm disappointed not to be able to defend the title; I'd love to have taken part but my hip injury will not allow me to play five matches in three days.'

Hopkins said few Jersey players were travelling for the championships but he understands why. The former professional said: 'Many players have have decided not to take part because of the expense and others because they don't fancy their chances of winning. Guernsey's Chris Simpson is a hot favourite as he retained the British U17 title only last weekend.

'You can't force players to take part. A lot are put off at the cost of the weekend, it's nearly £70 for an inter-island flight and then there is two night's hotel accommodation to put on top of that.'

Squash has been included in the Islands Games for the first time in Shetlands 2005. What is Jersey's players' reaction to that?

'Players are already showing an interest, there will be no problem for that. The Island Games is a bigger stage to play on and although it will be expensive everyone will be looking to raise funds to take part.'

The CI championships begin tomorrow evening and finish on Sunday.

Guernsey number two Adam Shields, one of the organisers, said: 'We are disappointed as players are representing their island as well as themselves. Maybe the competition is going stale? We now have to look at this positively and find a solution which is best for both islands.'  
Original report from This is Jersey

WSF sticks with standard scoring  01-Nov
Delegates attending the World Squash Federation (WSF) Conference and 33rd Annual General Meeting, held during the Men's World Team Championship in Vienna at the end of October, ratified the findings of a worldwide survey on scoring systems used in the sport.

Squash boasts more than most Olympic sports
At the AGM, Russia and Slovenia became full members of the WSF - bringing the Federation's total membership to 122 nations. The WSF now boasts more members than 18 out of the 35 international federations of sports on the Olympic programme.

No dope
The AGM formally ratified acceptance of the World Anti-Doping Code, and also authorised the Federation's Management Committee to finalise an agreement with the two professional bodies, PSA and WISPA, to ensure that the three organisations have a common anti-doping policy. This followed a presentation at the Conference by Dr Geraldine Barniville, the WSF's Director of the Medical and Sports Science Committee.

Hot competition for the Women's Worlds
Hong Kong made a presentation on the 2003 Women's World Open, to be staged in a spectacular outdoor setting in Kowloon, overlooking the harbour and Hong Kong Island, and gave notice of plans to bid for the event for a further three years.

In a highly-contested bid to host the World Women's Team Championship in 2004, Netherlands narrowly won the rights over Canada. India's bid to stage the World Doubles Championships in Chennai in 2004 was accepted, and New Zealand won the rights to host the World Junior Men's Championships in Palmerston North in 2006.

Launched over a year ago by a Task Force headed by WSF Vice-President Joyce Buckley and including representation from the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and the Women's International Squash Players' Association (WISPA), the survey sought to investigate methods of implementing a common scoring system for all singles worldwide; to seek a system which is satisfactory for professional, league, and social play; and to raise the Olympic profile of Squash through a demonstration of harmony and innovation.

Currently the WSF and WISPA maintain 'standard' scoring (i.e. games played to nine points, with points only accrued by the server), whilst the PSA continues to use 'Point-a-Rally' scoring ('PARS') to 15 points per game - a system introduced some 20 years ago principally in response to TV demands.

The broad conclusions of the survey were that more than 90% of all play in the world uses 'standard' scoring; that almost 80% of respondents believed that the same scoring system should be used by all players; and that 45% voted for 'standard' scoring, 42% for 'PARS', and 13% for 'other'.

The WSF members gave a clear message that their primary objective is to ensure that the 15 million grassroots players in the world continue to enjoy the most satisfactory game possible. It was felt that 'standard' scoring system offers the appropriate length and intensity of game for club players, with 'PARS' making games too short at this level.

Delegates voted overwhelmingly to maintain 'standard' scoring, believing that the 'PARS' system has not achieved the benefits proclaimed at its launch more than two decades ago - and that there is no justification for a switch from the dominant and universally-preferred scoring system.

"Although this might be viewed by some as a victory for tradition and conservatism, it is more a recognition of the fundamental needs and desires of Squash players from their sport, coupled with a belief that the 20-year 'trial' of PARS in the men's pro game has not delivered the benefits predicted," said WSF Chief Executive Ted Wallbutton. "Many of our members said at the meeting that Squash at club level is the addictive success that it is because of the scoring system and should not be changed."

Pakistan prepares for World Open  31-Oct
December's Men's World Open in Pakistan will be watched by 1,500 spectators in a new venued which is close to completion in Lahore.
Full story from The Daily Times

Howard Harding Honoured by WSF  28-Oct
Howard Harding, the World Squash Media Director, was honoured at the World Squash Federation (WSF) AGM in Vienna with an award to commemorate his 'outstanding contribution' to World Squash.

WSF Chief Executive Ted Wallbutton recommended the award to the meeting.  "Since Howard was jointly appointed by WSF, PSA and WISPA to his Media Director position in 1996, he has put out over 2000 separate Press Releases," said Wallbutton. 

"When I joined the WSF twelve years ago the flow of information and results in Squash was almost non-existent.  Now I open my e-mail box every morning and know exactly what has happened in all major Squash events worldwide and many hundreds of media personnel and national federation staff share the benefit of
this service.

"Howard's absolute dedication to his role has been outstanding.  The hours he works and the commitment he shows are an example to us all.  We have been told by many knowledgeable people that the World Squash Media Service is better than that in almost any other sport, major or minor and accolades have been received from all over the world.  What marks Squash as a sport apart in this area is the fact that we have Howard and that his enthusiasm for the sport and the unique service he brings to Squash are irreplaceable."

Previous WSF AGM awards have been made to Major Maniam of Malaysia; Chris Herridge, the WSF Technical Director; Andrew Shelley of WISPA and WSF Championship Consultant; and Horst Babinsky, the inspirational leader of ASB Court Construction.

The award was presented by WSF President Jahangir Khan at the AGM which was held in the Austrian capital during last week's Men's World Team Championship.

Manchester gears up for Nationals 2004  22-Oct

The 2004 British National Squash Championships, which are guaranteed to attract a world-class field, will be held at the National Squash Centre at Sportcity in Manchester from 08-15 February.

Defending champions Peter Nicol, the world No1 from London, and Cassie Jackman, the world No6 from Norwich who is in line to win the women's title for a record sixth time, will be amongst the top players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland aiming for a share of the £25,000 prize fund.

The event will be staged on the National Squash Centre's permanently-sited all-glass showcourt. The spectacular court, which made its debut when the NSC hosted the squash action at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, will be moved from its regular position in the Squash Centre into the adjacent athletics arena on its unique 'hovercraft-like' base.

In addition to the Men's and Women's events, the event will also include Masters Championships from Men's and Women's Over-35 to Men's Over-65.

Councillor Mark Hackett, Manchester City Council's Executive Member for Culture & Leisure, said: "We are delighted to welcome the 2004 National Squash Championships to Manchester. The National Squash Centre - part of the fantastic legacy left by the Commonwealth Games - is a superb venue for the competition. The Championships are certain to deliver a further boost for the sport in the city and the hundreds of people already playing squash in Manchester."

Nick Rider, Chief Executive of England Squash, added: "We are delighted with the continued success of the National Squash Championships, during which everyone has the chance to see some of the best players in the world competing for the highest domestic honours. That the Nationals thrive like they do is due in no small part to the great efforts made by everyone in the Manchester Squash Partnership, whose support makes this the great event it has become."

Tickets, from £5.00 to £14.00, will be available from 1st November from Ticketmaster - either via the special National Championships hotline 0870 602 1188 or via the website

The 2004 championships will be supported for the fourth year by the Manchester Partnership, featuring Hi-Tec, Manchester Leisure Sport, Dunlop Sport, squashdiscount, England Squash, Manchester City Council, e-squash, Manchester Evening News, Goudie International, UltraFit magazine and Honda.

Isle of Man team head for Bratislava  22-Oct
Flushed with their success at the European Team Championships in May, where they defeated Russia, the Isle of Man squash team is heading for Bratislava in November to compete in the inaugural European Nations Cup Full story

Linda Charman, WISPA Chairman; Mr Akbar Al-Baker, CEO Qatar Airways; and Andrew Shelley, WISPA Director
Linda Charman, WISPA Chairman;
Mr Akbar Al-Baker, CEO Qatar Airways;
and Andrew Shelley, WISPA Director

Qatar Airways Develop
New Route With WISPA 20-Oct
Women's professional squash is flying high with the announcement today (Monday) of a partnership between the Women's International Squash Players' Association (WISPA) and Qatar Airways, one of the fastest-growing global airlines.

The three-year agreement sees Qatar Airways taking on the mantle of television sponsor of the WISPA Grand Prix, as well as being featured in all the programmes produced from WISPA Grand Prix events. These include the Qatar Classic in Doha and World Open in Hong Kong this year, before moving on to further Grand Prix events which will take place during 2004 onwards.

Qatar Airways will also take title sponsorship of the WISPA Grand Prix standings, the important listing that determines which players qualify for the annual World Grand Prix Finals.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways will also become the Airline Partner of WISPA as part of the package.Finally, Qatar Airways will also host its own annual major WISPA World Tour
event each year, featuring a prize fund of $70,000. Discussions are underway with the Qatar Squash Federation, the enduring and cherished supporters of international squash, to host the first event early next year - with subsequent years moving to Qatar Airways' destinations. As new routes include Shanghai, Moscow, Seoul, Rome and Johannesburg amongst others, there will be no shortage of venue options.

Mr Akbar Al-Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways, said at today's signing ceremony in Doha: "Qatar Airways is pleased to help support the World Women's Tour and women's squash. We are excited that we have obtained this opportunity to support a new event on the circuit and play a part in showcasing the world's best women squash players.

"Qatar has established itself as a major venue for important sports events and, as Qatar's national carrier, we are keen to support our country in that development," Al-Baker added. "The agreement that we have signed today will see the first Qatar Airways event planned for Doha early in 2004 and we envisage that in following years we will move to Qatar Airways destinations. As we continue to add more and more destinations to our route network there will be no shortage of possible host cities for the Qatar Airways event."

WISPA Director Andrew Shelley, who was present at the signing along with WISPA Chairman Linda Charman, expressed his delight at the Qatar Airways initiative: "This partnership is a huge boost for WISPA. Dare I say that we have been increasing our speed down the runway recently and will now definitely be lifting off! To have secured this arrangement with such a fast-growing and forward-thinking airline will be seen as a watershed. Not only will there be a major new circuit event, but the support of Qatar Airways will enable us to make further strides with the quality and breadth of distribution of our Grand Prix television programming."

Squash Featured In Both 2010
Commonwealth Games Bids 

Squash is featured in the two bids being presented for the 2010 Commonwealth Games by both New Delhi, India, and the Canadian city of Hamilton.

In addition to the Mandatory Core Sports of Aquatics (diving, synchronized swimming and competitive swimming), Athletics, Lawn Bowls, Netball and Rugby 7's, the final Hamilton 2010 Bid also includes Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Field Hockey, Gymnastics (Artistic and Rhythmic), Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling.

Hamilton 2010 Bid Corporation President, Jagoda Pike said: "This has been a very difficult decision. We are proud of the extensive process that was undertaken to determine the best possible sport program for the 2010 Games. Numerous consultations with members of both the Canadian and international Commonwealth sport community ensured that we are putting forward the best possible sport program to win these Games."

Commonwealth Games Canada President Claude Bennett added: "Commonwealth Games Canada is impressed with the comprehensive approach undertaken by the Bid Corporation in determining the final sport program. The suggested program is excellent. There is no question that the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Hamilton will benefit the entire Canadian sport community, from improved facilities, legacy programs, coaching programs and more."

Shri Raja Randhir Singh, Secretary General of the Indian Olympic Association and Secretary General of the Olympic Council of Asia, has also confirmed that the Indian bid includes Squash. The action will take place at the new Siri Fort Indoor Stadium in Delhi.

Ted Wallbutton, Chief Executive of the World Squash Federation (WSF), expressed his delight that Squash will be featured in the Games programme for the fourth successive time: "Our congratulations go to both Squash Canada and the Squash Rackets Federation of India for their efforts in endorsing the case for the sport's continued inclusion in the Games."

The Commonwealth Games Federation will determine a host city for the 2010 Commonwealth Games on November 13th, 2003 at the Annual General Assembly in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Squash is the Healthiest sport, says Forbes 08-Oct
Squash has been rated as the top sport in a survey of the 'Ten Healthiest Sports' published by respected US magazine Forbes.

Writer Neal Santelmann explains that "each of these sporting activities is a  great way to get you fit--and keep you there."   He also points out to those who plan to try these sports that the list is "best pursued with calculated abandon to reduce their risk of injury, as well as in cross-training combinations to cover all of the basic physiological components."

Ratings were based upon consultations with fitness experts - coaches, personal trainers, competitors and exercise physiologists - as well as "a dash of personal experience". The four basic physiological components of fitness were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being "excellent," 4 being "darn good," 3 being "good," 2 being "not bad" and 1 being "nothing special."

The survey also quantified the injury risk, rated on a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 being "low," 2 being "so-so" and 1 being "high."  Calorie burn (in parentheses) is based upon the energy expenditure of a 190-pound person over 30 minutes and is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being 450+ calories, 4 being 400-450 calories, 3 being 350-400 calories, 2 being 300-350 calories and 1 being 250-300 calories.

The magazine points out that "Calorie burn rates are from the American College of Sports Medicine; whenever possible, we selected the rate for "moderate" or similar intensity."

Scores were tallied to arrive at an individual rating for each sport.  "Of course," added Santelmann, "physiological benefits, injury risks and calorie burn can vary widely depending upon the technique, vigour, care and enthusiasm with which you pursue the sport."

The citation for Squash - which scored an overall score of 22.5, ahead of Rowing with 22.0 - reads:  "The preferred game of Wall Street has convenience on its side, as 30 minutes on the squash court provides an impressive cardio respiratory workout. Extended rallies and almost constant running builds muscular strength and endurance in the lower body, while lunges, twists and turns increase flexibility in the back and abdomen. "For people just getting into the game, it's almost too much to sustain, but once you get there, squash is tremendous," says Paul Assaiante, head coach of the five-time defending national intercollegiate champion men's squash team at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. Assaiante recommends a regimen of yoga, sprinting and distance running for preparation. Be wary of groin pulls, torn Achilles tendons and your opponent's racquet."

The ten sports highlighted in the Forbes survey (in final rating order) were:  Squash, Rowing, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Cross-Country Skiing, Basketball, Cycling, Running, Modern Pentathlon and Boxing.

The upbeat Forbes feature comes hard on the heels of a British attack on Squash by The Times of London. The feature by table tennis player Matthew Syed -plus a damning piece suggesting that Squash is a dangerous game - have been universally condemned by a number of leading figures in the sport including world No1 Peter Nicol, World Squash Federation CEO Ted Wallbutton, England Squash CEO Nick Rider, the Professional Squash Association Executive Director Gawain Briars, British Open promoters John Beddington and John Nimick, Dunlop International Marketing Manager Paul Walters, English coach Malcolm Willstrop and Squash Player magazine editor Ian McKenzie.

Full article from Forbes

Credit Suisse confim WWO sponsorship  07-Oct
Hong Kong Squash announced today the sponsorship of Credit Suisse Privilege of the 19th Women's World Open Squash Championship, the most important event in the calendar of first-class women professionals. Full story

Bank Alfalah to support Men's World Open
A sponsorship signing ceremony between the Punjab Squash Association (PSA) and Bank Alfalah was held at Pearl Continental hotel here Monday. Bank Alfalah will sponsor the $125,000 World Open to be held in Lahore and the event has been named as Bank Alfalah World Open Squash Championship 2003.  Full story from the Daily Times

Squash World in uproar
over Times Article  03-Oct
Squash Players, administrators, referees and coaches over the UK were shocked today to see an article in The Times, headed A sport dying a sad, lonely death.

The article, by table-tennis player Matthew Syed, presents a wholly negative view of the state of the game, starting with: "NOTHING symbolises the seemingly terminal decline of squash more poignantly than the British Open taking place in Nottingham this week". After several more paragraphs of doom and gloom it concludes with: "Unfortunately, it is not going to happen. Which is the final injustice for a sport hurtling towards oblivion."

Squash Player certainly disagrees with the views presented in the article, and is sure that some of our readers will have something to say about it, so we invite you to post your views on Points of View, and maybe send a message to the sports editor of The Times.



THE world's top squash stars are heading to Canary Wharf next year for a spectacular event at the new East Wintergarden, reports Dan Bourke in

The Canary Wharf Squash Classic will be staged on a space-age glass court in the middle of the Heron Quays venue, set to open this week. The tournament - to take place in March 2004 - will be a major event on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour.

"This is a wonderful venue and we are delighted to be bringing top-class squash to Canary Wharf," world number one and event promoter Peter Nicol told The Wharf. "Squash and business go hand-in-hand and we know that there are thousands of active squash players working in the area.

"As well as the professional event, we look forward to holding a major corporate event so Wharf firms can battle it out on the glass court. The beauty of these courts is that they are so versatile and can be put up anywhere at fabulous venues around the world. Thanks to these courts squash is now a fantastic TV sport."

Nicol has won major events at some of the world's greatest sporting venues, including his fourth US Open title at Boston Symphony Hall two weeks ago. He won the World Open in 1999 when the court was in an incredible open- air amphitheatre at the foot of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and earlier this year won the Tournament Of Champions event staged inside Grand Central Station in New York.

The event team, including Sky TV commentator Alan Thatcher, is in talks with a number of potential sponsors at the estate.

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