Joe Shaw:
Each week we'll be presenting another part of Joe's revolutionary coaching programme, that helped guide David Palmer and John White to the top of the game.

The Program is applicable to all sports, and represents an invaluable resource for any coaches who have the foresight,
the inspiration, and the commitment to make it work for them.


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07-Nov, Week FIFTEEN:


At the level of performance today there is not a great deal of difference in terms of physical talent and training so ultimately the Edge in Performance will come from what is between the ears. At this Elite Level it is all Mental.

Peak Performance Involves:
  • Overcoming ineffective mental habits
  • Dealing with past issues that have contributed to creating mental challenges
  • The ability to master negative self talk
  • Dealing effectively with the stresses that limit thinking and performance.


  • Power to Respond
  • Power to Endure
  • Power to Perform


There is a basic “brain” reason why the one crucial element of prime performance is intense concentration that is associated with profound changes in the brain. What is it? The answer is in our thinking patterns combined with the physiological responses and ability to adapt.

A person's Will is a state of mind . It is the unique ability that allows a person to demand anything and everything of himself to get the job done.

Intense concentration is the ability to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all other thoughts. To make it easier I have taught you in these Coaching Programs to pull a Trigger to get this Response. If you do not pull the Trigger, you do not activate the Concentration and Focus that you require. You simply MUST carry out this action of pulling the Trigger, for your own benefit.


How can you endure anxious moments and remain cool, calm and collected, while others cannot? By controlling the controllable at will. By using what you have been taught and others haven’t. Auto suggestion, Affirmations, Triggers. Concentrate on what you must do to win. Block out the negative thoughts that cause you to panic and get upset.

Either do it and win, or don’t do it and lose. It is your decision.


What gives you the power to perform? The Physical component is only part of the essentials, and the other three essentials of Tactical, Technical and Psychological areas are all taught in these Coaching Programs on this Site. You are taught to “Flow” to obtain maximum performance to counter negative thinking, anxiety and stress and to maximise concentration. The role of your brain is critical in order to increasing your Ranking in your sport, to reach and to attain your full potential whatever that may be.


  • Approach competition with confidence
  • Deal with anxiety as you have been taught
  • Dispel fear of any opponent
  • Enhance your self image
  • Feel more empowered. Get rid of past traumas that have occurred, unexpected losses etc
  • Improve perception
  • Overcome limited beliefs that you sometimes have. Limited Beliefs create limited people.


  • Effectively manage Stress. These Coaching programs teach you how to do so.
  • Increase Hormone intake for endurance. Loaded Proteins are just one example.
  • Increase your Motivation. The articles on how to do so, are all on this Site
  • Increase your perceptual cues. Your Triggers, Relaxation, Concentration etc
  • Lower your blood pressure and overcome pain.
  • Lower your Resting Pulse Rate even further if possible


  • Achieve Positive Mental States prior to playing.
  • Find more personal satisfaction in your performance to improve your Ranking.
  • Improve your Self Talk. Week 8 and other articles will help you.
  • Improve your ability to learn. The entire program to do so is in these Coaching articles.
  • Improve your Effective Visualisation.
    Note the word effective.
  • Lower your Stress levels particularly in a match. Relax and remain confident.
  • Remove all performance barriers. Only you know what they are.

You need to access both the Sensory and the Audio environment necessary for maximum relaxation and receptivity to anything that can be an alternative to pharmaceutical intervention. We must search for other therapies involved in stress management, guided Imagery training and accelerated learning, if what we have is insufficient or not achieving YOUR goals.

Muscular tension triggered by stress, pressure or emotions generated in the heat of competition, raises the blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen consumption, and levels of stress biochemicals such as Adrenaline and Cortisol. It reduces the mental clarity and fluid mind / body movement required. (Marry the physical energy with the psychic energy)

When a relaxation response is triggered, it quickly counters the deleterious effects of stress. The most effective tools for helping to trigger a powerful response are the Mind Tools that are in these Coaching articles. By triggering a relaxation response the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol are reduced, as is lactic acid and blood pressure. Cortisol and Adrenaline cause irritability, depression and anxiety. If you don’t believe me recall how you feel after an unexpected loss!!! Cortisol is the Stress relief Hormone.

It is clear when you are performing at your Peak. You are in a Zone, grooved, magic, flowing, moving effortlessly and always in control. You have been taught all of these things to give you the EDGE. Affirmation Cards, Self Hypnosis techniques, Alpha Brain Wave Zones, Visualisation, Positive Mind Management, Measurement and Evaluation, and Achievement of Goal Charts.

Unlike other players whose Coaches have no idea regarding all of these items which give you the EDGE, you have access to all of this material, as does your Coach, on this Web Site. You MUST begin to incorporate all of the teachings in these articles it until they become automatic. A habit!! That way YOUR ranking will continuously improve, and your career span will be considerably lengthened.





Psychological Profiling
of the four key areas











































Coming in week 16:
A Futuristic Training Programme ...