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The Program is applicable to all sports, and represents an invaluable resource for any coaches who have the foresight,
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03-Oct-Sep, Week TEN:


At your Elite level of participation in your Sport, you rely on your Coach to teach you how to succeed. Unfortunately your Coach has not had the time to study the Structure of your Sport, so I have detailed that Structure and the Form in Week 6 with the Role of the Coach and the Training Wheel.

I am today including a Graph that clearly indicates that you are only taught about 60% of your Sport. Your Coach simply does not have the time to study all of these requirements, but has access to this site to ask and receive Answers to these Questions regarding these Training Programs. click here for Graph

The areas that are not taught are detailed below, so that YOU can access what knowledge if any you have of these areas of your Sport, and what benefits if any there will be to your improvement, if you include them in your program.

The very first item is the Philosophy of Coaching. If your Coach does not have the correct Philosophy, then you are not going to achieve your full potential. A Philosophy is a set of Values and Beliefs, which are all inclusive in a Program. The Philosophy of Shaun Moxham as he told to me, is that the Health, Welfare and Benefit of the pupil is of Paramount importance above all else. Winning does not even enter the equation. Winning will follow if you accept Shaun’s Philosophy. A Philosophy is also how you act, not what you say that you will do.

David Palmer has had a very serious setback to his career. He has been out of action for three months unable to even train. Shaun has told me that he will “Err on the side of caution” getting David back on track, because that is his Philosophy. The Health Welfare and Benefit of David are the all important Values and Beliefs of Shaun, and here he is carrying out that Philosophy.

The Stress of Change is two on the list, and David’s present position is a typical example of this Change. The Questions from the Players on the Site also are excellent examples of the Stress that Change is going to cause to these players trying to elevate their rankings. They have numerous problems in deciding how much time they can spare on training, while still coaching to survive. It is all relevant.

Three on the list is Psychological Profiling. Shaun uses the Myer Briggs, while I favour the McQuaig Word Survey. It is simply one more tool in the Tool Box that is missing from the Coaches Training Program. We must have a Psychological Profile to be able to know the pupil and learn how to communicate with that pupil, or it is a waste of time. Remember that we are referring to Elite Athletes here, not beginners receiving lessons.

Psychology is concerned with behaviour, how we think, feel and perform because you cannot separate the Mind from the Body. Every thought that we have directly affects the way we feel about ourselves which in turn affects what we want to do. The recent requests from professionals on the PSA Circuit, clearly indicates that they do not understand their Psychological Profile, and why they are reluctant to Change.

Four is Understanding the Requirements of your Sport. Test yourselves. Do you understand the Requirements of your Sport? I would be amazed if you did, because I had no idea until I was forced back to University to do four subjects, even then I continued to make mistakes until I had the experience to get it right.

I will not continue here with the other 19 items but you can get the general idea of your lack of training requirements from the complete list below.

Performance results, successful or otherwise, just do not happen. The way that you act, think, and change determines the result. Thinking about winning or improving by taking full advantage of a new program, creates within you a feeling of desire, energy and enthusiasm. Success comes from taking FULL advantage of an opportunity. You now have this opportunity, so it is up to you to decide whether to grab it with both hands, and to improve. Yesterday’s future is obsolete today.

Performance Outcome enables you to plan in advance the result of a match. Your all important “Cue” words, trigger off the automatic processes which are ingrained in your sub conscious through Repetition of Affirmation Statements. You constantly re-affirm your positive thoughts, and that produces the Change in your Thinking and in your results. You may be 150 in the Rankings playing someone who is in the top 10. You set yourself a specific Performance Outcome, to do something, and you achieve that Goal. You cannot expect to win this miss match, but you can learn from it.

The complete list of 23 items is as follows.
Check them out. Are they in YOUR program?

  • Philosophy of Coaching

  • Stress of Change

  • Psychological Profiling

  • Understanding the Requirements of the Sport. What are they?

  • Welfare of the Athletes.

  • Input of the Athlete. Does the Athlete have any Input? If not, why not?

  • Vision. This covers an enormous amount of decision.

  • Futuristic Training Program. Is your program any different from your opposition? Is it obsolete?

  • Communication. Are you taught how to communicate with and get the messages correct?

  • Measurement and Evaluation. Incredibly important.

  • Goal Setting Skills. Refer to Week 9, and I guarantee that you have not set your Goals. Do so.

  • Variety and Enjoyment of Training. You need to change to rediscover this enjoyment.

  • Attention Skills. Another Mental Training Program

  • Stress Management. All about Peace of Mind. Shifting Accusations. Understanding the problems.

  • Time Management. This is where many of you are failing badly.

  • Transformative Leadership. Needs to be studied in a Team situation.

  • International Competition. You are getting this now, but were not prepared for it.

  • Information Technology. The use of all modern equipment, probably only available to Elite players.

  • Feedback. After each match assess measure and evaluate your results with the Coach.

  • Finance. A problem for everyone. Your career is an investment, not an expense.

  • Bias of Administrators. This definitely affects your Training.

  • Autocratic/Democratic Rule. Each has a role to play at the correct time.

  • Team Culture. For Teams it is very important.





Psychological Profiling
of the four key areas















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