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Each week we'll be presenting another part of Joe's revolutionary coaching programme, that helped guide David Palmer and John White to the top of the game.

The Program is applicable to all sports, and represents an invaluable resource for any coaches who have the foresight,
the inspiration, and the commitment to make it work for them.


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10-Oct, Week ELEVEN:

As shown by many of the Professional players on the circuit, the reluctance is to Change. Change in your program threatens you in some way. Since it creates a challenge or a “crisis” between what has for the past five years been an acceptable by unproductive practice, and what in the future represents a much better method of producing results. Your current ranking and its movement over your time on the circuit, will be the indisputable proof required for change.

The pragmatist will immediately accept change and implement it. The sceptic will evaluate it then accept or reject it, whilst the obstructionist will negatively reject it without any valid reason. Institutes World wide have a history of being obstructionists.

If your coaches have change imposed upon them, they will reject it. They must be given adequate information, made aware that they are teaching obsolete or outdated programs, and that they are ignoring the 23 areas of coaching that we enumerated in Week 10. You are suffering because of this ignorance, so you must address it. It is essential for all High Performance Coaches to be thoroughly versed in the reasons for, and the implications of Change.

To effect lasting Change we must first change the Teacher, the Coach, the Mentor. They must be given time to involve themselves in this change, and to become comfortable with Change, and to appreciate the benefits of it.

Change is inevitable and the changes in Sport are increasingly more complex and demanding. For Coaches, whether they understand this or not, Change is now an essential part of continuous improvement. To improve the Athlete requires constant change, and I have detailed the method of continuous Change with the Training Wheel in Week 6. It is a natural instinct to resist Change, yet it also is equally natural for these same Athletes and Coaches the results in the future. If you disagree with this fact, then let me know.

This constant Change must Futuristic and Evolutionary, and this has been the criteria that I have used in these programs. These Changes must be innovative, and what I am espousing should not in itself contain solely my personal and preconceived Beliefs, devoid of the input of your own High Performance Coaches. Coaches should be given time to meet with you and discuss these proposals. But for YOUR improvement, it is necessary for YOU to take the first step and bring it to the Coaches attention. If you do not have a personal Coach then take the matter with your Countries Coaches who are employed to give advise. Just because you are not in the Elite Squad should not bar you from assistance. Ask and you shall receive!!!

Change will occur only when Coaches accept that the past or present program can be improved for the future. If the program that you are on cannot be improved, then why is your ranking so low, considering your undoubted ability? Achievable Goals remain the key to successful Change and these Goals must be based on sound research and reasoning, fitting into the overall scheme of long term Change for better results in the future.

To assist YOU in the Change, you have on this web site, the Bell Graph, the Training Wheel, and the Programs for Single Training to improve your Performance. You have the hints on how to progress, the information to give to our own personal Coach, access to your National Coach for responses, some Mental Programs, how to improve your Self Image, how to access the Brain Wave Zones for accelerated Learning, and you are pointed in the right direction.

Finally you have access to a Question and Answer section where you can ask questions without disclosing your identity, and then you can also take these responses to your coaches for critical comment. Then again you can inform me if you or your coach do not agree with me, and explain why. If you do agree with me, then institute immediate change. There are no more excuses for you.

Remember that on this site, these programs are for YOUR benefit, with the compliments of David Palmer and Shaun Moxham. Don’t ignore or waste them. Change your program now!!!




Psychological Profiling
of the four key areas
















Coming in week 12:
Coaching Methodology - an accelerated learning system for sport achievement.