SquashWorks Open 2003
15-20 July, Salt Lake City, USA,  $13k


Craig Bennett reports

Shahier Razik captured his second Squashworks PSA title by beating Stefan Casteleyn 15-8, 8-15, 15-4, 15-10 in 80 minutes.

In 2001, Razik also beat Casteleyn in the final. Two years ago the victory was easier due to Casteleyn's neck injury. In today's match, Razik clearly had more in his tank than did Casteleyn. Casteleyn's quarter final win over Lars Harms and his semi final win over Jean-Michel Arcucci were more difficult than Razik's wins over Joey Barrington and the injured Bradley Ball.

Throughout the match Casteleyn appeared to be struggling physically. Razik took advantage of Casteleyn's fatigue by extending the rallies with amazing court coverage. As the match progressed Casteleyn took more and more chances and made far more errors than did Razik. Even though the crowd encouraged Casteleyn - in hopes of seeing a fifth game - Razik was too much.

Casteleyn will have to wait another year to claim a Squashworks title, but is favourite to lift the title in this week's James Baker Associates Open in Oklahoma.


Squashworks Open 2003
presented by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
1st Round
Thu 17th
Fri 18th
Sat 19th
Sun 20th
[1] Stefan Casteleyn (Bel)
15-6, 15-7, 15-12
Preston Quick (Usa)
Stefan Casteleyn
15-10, 14-17, 15-8, 13-15, 15-12
Lars Harms
Stefan Casteleyn

15-13, 8-15, 15-10, 15-8

Jean-Michel Arcucci

Stefan Casteleyn

15-8, 8-15, 15-4, 15-10


Shahier Razik

[8] Lars Harms (Sui)
15-12, 15-7, 17-15
Laurens Anjema (Ned)
[5] Jonathon Kemp (Eng)
4-17, 10-15, 15-6, 15-14, 15-8
[Q] Cameron Pilley (Aus)
Jonathon Kemp
15-13, 12-15, 15-11, 15-6
Jean-Michel Arcucci
Jean-Michel Arcucci (Fra)
15-14, 15-7, 15-7
[Q] John Rooney (Irl)
[7] Hisham Mohd Ashour (Egy)
[Q] Shawn Delierre (Can)
Shawn Delierre
15-11, 15-5, 14-15, 15-6
Bradley Ball
Bradley Ball

13-15, 15-11, 15-13 rtd

Shahier Razik

[4] Bradley Ball (Eng)
15-13, 15-10, 16-17, 15-7
[Q] Ritwik Bhattacharya (Ind)
[Q] Joey Barrington (Eng)
17-15, 15-4, 15-7
[3] Mikkel Korsbjerg (Den)
Joey Barrington
17-16, 15-10, 15-5
Shahier Razik
Mark Heather (Eng)
9-15, 15-7, 15-9, 15-11
[2] Shahier Razik (Can)

Qualifying, Wed/Thu 15th/16th:

Qualifying Finals:
Shawn De Lierre (CAN) bt Ben Howell (Eng)  11-15, 15-11, 15-11, 15-13
John Rooney (IRL) bt  Laurant Elriani (FRA)  15-3, 15-11, 15-4
Ritwik Bhattacharya (IND) bt Ian Power (CAN)  15-3, 15-7, 15-5

Joey Barrington (ENG) v Matthew Guiffre (CAN)  15-11, 15-6, 15-6

Qualifying first round:
Ben Howell (Eng) bt Craig Bennett (local)  15-5, 15-4, 15-5
Shawn De Lierre (CAN) bt Julian Illingworth (USA)  15-9, 14-15, 15-9, 15-7
Laurant Elriani (FRA) bt Armando Zarazua (MEX)  15-11, 15-13, 15-11
John Rooney (IRL) bt Imran Khan (PAK)  15-4, 15-6, 15-6
Ian Power (CAN) bt Shahid Khan (ENG)  15-10, 8-15, 15-14, 5-15, 15-13
Ritwik Bhattacharya (IND) bt Jared Sandler (USA)  15-5, 15-4, 15-4
Matthew Guiffre (CAN) bt Beau River (USA)  15-8, 15-10, 15-9
Joey Barrington (ENG) bt Dave Waltman (Local)  15-7, 15-13, 15-6

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RESULTS & Reports


Squash final will feature
matchup of familiar foes

from the Salt Lake Tribune

Craig Bennett reports from Salt Lake

Top seeds Stefan Casteleyn and Shahier Razik advanced to the final of the 2003 Squashworks PSA Open, setting up a rematch of the 2001 final in which Razik defeated an injured Casteleyn. This year both players appeared primed for a classic match.

Casteleyn defeated Jean-Michel Arcucci 15-13, 8-15, 15-10, 15-8 (90 minutes). Unlike Arcucci's first two opponents (John Rooney and Jonathan Kemp), Casteleyn did not become frustrated by the abundance of lets and interference. The match had many interruptions including an injury timeout for Arcucci in the third game when the Frenchman hurt his left fingers when stretching for a ball in the front court. Despite these stops and starts, Casteleyn made fewer errors and slowly wore down the obviously tired Arcucci.

Razik defeated Bradley Ball 13-15, 15-11, 15-13 (retired due to injury). Ball's injury brought a very disappointing end to this entertaining match between two contrasting styles. Early in the match Ball kept the pace very fast by hitting low, hard straight lengths as well as crosscourts and keeping Razik behind him. The always unflappable Razik was content to play deliberate and wait for signs of fatigue from Ball. In the end, it was less fatigue but more Ball's obvious discomfort that doomed the tall Englishman. His right knee continues to give him troubles and Ball was dejected after the match at the prospect of having to stay off the courts for a few weeks.

Fri 18th

Harm's way gets blocked
by Belgian in quarter

from the Salt Lake Tribune

Craig Bennett reports from Salt Lake

Stefan Casteleyn defeated Lars Harms 15-10, 14-17, 15-8, 13-15, 15-12 (95 minutes). Casteleyn, the former world # 7 ranked player, had to use all of his experience and mental toughness to outlast Harms in a thrilling match. Two years ago Casteleyn cruised to the finals with little resistance. Harms served notice that his path was going to be harder this year. In 2001, Harms lost in the first round of the qualification draw but this year Salt Lake fans have noticed a much more determined and seasoned pro. Harms' speed and athleticism kept Castelelyn working for every point. In the end, it seemed that Casteleyn's experience proved the difference as he was able to squeak out a win.

Jean-Michel Arcucci defeated Jonathan Kemp 15-13, 12-15, 15-11, 15-6 (73 minutes). Arcucci showed again an ability to frustrate a younger and perhaps fitter opponent. Kemp's frustration led to unforced errors. Those errors, coupled with Arcucci's steadiness proved to be the difference.

Bradley Ball defeated Shawn DeLierre 15-11, 15-5, 14-15, 15-6 (83 Minutes) DeLierre's run in the tournament came to an end when he came up against the experience of Ball. Ball kept up a blistering pace but played above the tin (something De Lierre's earlier opponents were unable to do). Ball's strategy took advantage of the fact that DeLierre had player two hard qualification matches. In the end, DeLierre left all his energy in winning the third game 15-14 and could not sustain in the fourth where he dropped off noticeably.

Shahier Razik defeated Joey Barrington 17-16, 15-10, 15-5 (50 minutes). Razik, the 2001 Squashworks Open Champion, showed the crowd a very different style then what was on display in the three earlier matches. Razik used ball placement rather than power as his weapon of choice. He punished the very fit and willing legs of Barrington with soft drops to the front corners and then accurate lengths to the back corners and for good measure perfectly timed lobs. The match was beautiful to watch with both players clearing flawlessly but in the end it was Razik's better control of the racquet which was too much for Barrington.

Qualifiers Barrington & Delierre Advance
from the Salt Lake Tribune
Craig Bennett reports from Salt Lake

Stefan Castelyn defeated Preston Quick 15-6, 15-7, 15-12 (40 minutes) Too much experience from the #1 seed from Belgium.

Lars Harms defeated Laurens Anjema 15-12, 15-7, 17-15 (60 minutes) An exciting match with an exciting end. Harms controlled the first two games and most of the third, and although Anjema battled to 14-14 he could not push to a fourth game.

Jonathan Kemp defeated Cameron Pilley 14-17, 10-15, 15-6, 15-14, 15-8. (90 minutes) The best match of the evening. Kemp overcame a 2-0 deficit and four match balls at the end of the fourth game to win.

Jean-Michel Arcucci defeated John Rooney 15-14, 15-7, 15-7 (75 minutes) A very hotly contested match with tempers getting a bit heated because of an abundance of interference.

Shawn DeLierre defeated Hisham Ashour (71 minutes), with his high socks and unconventional style DeLierre is becoming the story of the tournament. The young Canadian is poised to do further damage in the draw.

Bradley Ball defeated Ritwik Bhattacharya 15-13, 15-10, 16-17, 15-7 (58 minutes). The hard-hitting veteran Bradley Ball took advantage of the fast courts and his experience to post a win.

Joey Barrington defeated Mikkel Korsbjerg 17-15, 15-4, 15-7 (53 minutes). The match was won at the end of the first game when Korsbjerg could not close the game out when leading 14-11. From there the extremely fit Englishman cruised to victory.

Shahier Razik defeated Mark Heather 9-15, 15-7, 15-9, 15-11 (65 minutes). Razik, the 2001 Squashworks Champion, outlasted Heather to move to the next round. Razik's speed and steady play proved to be too much.

17 Jul
Craig Bennett reports from Salt Lake

Shawn DeLierre defeated Ben Howell 11-15, 15-11, 15-11, 15-13 (75 minutes). In the best match of the evening DeLierre outlasted Howell. Howell started quickly in the first game and raced to a 6-0 lead only to see DeLierre battle back to tie at 7-7. Howell steadied himself and jumped out again to an 11-8 lead and was able to finish the game at 15-11. The fact that Howell could not shake DeLierre even when he had big leads was a trend that continued into the next game. Once again Howell took an 8-4 lead only to see DeLierre win 6 of the next 8 points to tie the game at 10. The next five points turned out to be the defining sequence. Each rally was hotly contested and the game was tied at 11, then at 12, and finally at 13. DeLierre took a 14-13 lead on a perfect length to the back right corner and finished the game on a tight shot down the left wall which Howell failed to scrape. The loss of that extremely long and difficult game took a lot out of Howell both physically and mentally and although he fought on he seemed to be hurting and DeLierre was clearly in control.

The second match saw John Rooney defeated Laurant Elriani 15-3, 15-11, 15-4 (48 minutes). The match was actually a lot closer than the scores indicate with many long rallies; Rooney was no doubt in control--taking the ball early forcing Elriani to do a great deal of work.

The third match was the shortest with Ritwik Bhattacharya defeating Ian Power 15-3, 15-7, 15-5. Power was coming off a very strenuous first round match with Shahid Khan and seemed a step slow from the beginning. While Bhattacharya benefited from an easier first round opponent in rookie PSA player Jared Sandler.

Finally, in the last match Joey Barrington defeated Matthew Geoffrie 15-11, 15-6, 15-6. Salt Lake fans were excited about this match because Geoffrie played very well in last year's tournament (he qualified in the 2002 tournament before losing in the first round to Gregory Gaultier); however, the match was never really in doubt as Barrington took control from the first game and raced to a 9-4 lead. Geoffrie posted a strong comeback and pulled to 9-9, but from there Barrington took command of the game and ultimately the match 15-11. The other two games were not close as Barrington looks in shape to do some damage in the main draw.

2002 Event  

Squashworks Open, 18-21 Jul, Salt Lake City, USA, $13k

[4] Simon Parke (Eng) bt [2] Nick Taylor (Eng) 15-6, 15-12, 16-17, 12-15, 15-5

The semi-finalists ... Photo courtesy Craig BennettEngland's Simon Parke scored his second successive 3-2 victory in the final, defeating compatriot Nick Taylor in the final to claim his fifth PSA tour title and his first for almost two years. Craig Bennett reports from Salt Lake City.

For the second day in a row, Parke took a commanding two game lead only to have his opponent make a brilliant comeback. In the semi-finals, it was Alex Gough who fought back only to lose 17-14 in the fifth. In the final, Nick Taylor also came back from two games down to push Parke to the limit.  

Down 15-16 in the third game, Taylor hit two winning nicks to close out the game. The momentum of those two shots continued in the fourth game where Taylor was able to control, 15-12. Taylor started slowly in the fifth game and Parke took advantage, racing to a 7-1 lead. Taylor made a small surge to get within 5-9 but from there Parke closed out the game, the match, and the tournament by winning the next six points.

'Parky' reached his peak at the end of the 90's, winning the National title in 1998, the US Open in 1999, reaching number three in the world, and playing one of the great matches of all time in the 2000 Super Series final. Since then a series of injuries and lay-offs have seen him slip down the rankings. Expect to see him climbing once more as 2002 progresses ...

[4] Simon Parke (Eng) bt [1] Alex Gough (Wal) 15-8, 15-12, 13-15, 15-17, 17-14
[2] Nick Taylor (Eng) bt [3] Stephen Meads (Eng) 15-10, 12-15, 15-7, 15-2

Salt Lake City squash fans were treated to an incredible semi-final match between Simon Parke and Alex Gough, reports Craig Bennett from Salt Lake City. In the first two games, Parke took advantage of the fact that Gough was coming off a 1:45 marathon quarter final match with Gregory Gaultier.

Parke moved Gough relentlessly all over the court and displayed impressive court coverage and shot making of his own to win the first two games 15-8 and 15-12. But Gough did not fold, he kept battling fatigue and leg cramps and was able to even the match by winning games three and four by the scores of 15-13 and 17-15.

The fifth and final game came down to a battle of wills. Each player bending over between points to catch what little breath could be found in the high altitude air. Parke eventually prevailed 17-14 and both players left the court to a standing ovation. The match lasted 1:50 minutes and left the spectators exhausted along with the players.
In the second semi-final, Nick Taylor displayed a deft touch in the front court and kept Stephen Meads off balance to win 15-10, 12-15, 15-7, 15-2, to set up Sunday's all-English final.

[1] Alex Gough (Wal) bt [5] Gregory Gaultier (Fra) 12-15, 15-3, 15-10, 15-12.
[4] Simon Parke (Eng) bt [6] Shahier Razik (Can) 15-13, 15-7, 15-8.
[3] Stephen Meads (Eng) bt Viktor Berg (Can) bt 15-9, 10-15, 15-12, 15-5.
[2] Nick Taylor (Eng) bt Mikkel Korsbjerg (Den) 15-11, 15-10, 15-8.

First round:
[1] Alex Gough (WAL) bt [Q] Robby Lingashi (ZAM)  15-10, 15-9 ret.
[5] Gregory Gaultier (FRA) bt [Q] Matthew Guiffre (CAN) 15-8, 15-9, 15-4
[4] Simon Parke (ENG) bt Preston Quick (USA)  12-15, 15-13, 15-11, 15-2
[6] Shahier Razik (CAN) bt [Q] Ritwik Bhattacharya (IND)  17-15, 15-12, 6-15, 15-10
Viktor Berg (CAN) bt [8] Liam Kenny (IRL)   15-7, 17-14, 14-15, 15-10
[3] Stephen Meads (ENG) bt Ben Garner (ENG) 15-11, 15-6, 15-7
Mikkel Korsbjerg (DEN) bt Moh'd Azlan Iskandar (MAS)  12-15, 7-15, 15-7, 15-11, 15-12
[2] Nick Taylor (ENG) bt [Q] Jonathan Kemp (ENG)  15-13, 11-15, 15-9, 15-10

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