MILO SA Squash
Challenge 2001

27-Aug ~ 02-Sep
Wanderers Club &
Supersport Show

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  • Lincou goes one better in Jo'burg
    25 year old Thiery Lincou of France captured the 2001 MILO S A Squash Challenge title when in a grueling encounter he outplayed South Africa’s national captain, Rodney Durbach, in five games.
  • Full match report

Stefan Casteleyn overcomes Mike Tootill

Milo S A Squash Challenge:
Thierry Lincou (FR) bt 8 Rodney Durbach (SA)  15-9 13-15 15-
12 10-15 15-10

Milo Men’s Open:
Craig van der Wath(E) bt Mike Tootill (G)
15-8 15-8 15-2

Milo Women’s Open:
Farrah Sterne (NG) bt Angie Clifton-Parks (E)
 9-0 9-3 9-4

Thierry Lincou

MILO SA Squash Challenge 2001
First Round
29/30 Aug
31 Aug
01 Sep
02 Sep
Chris Walker (Eng)
15-11 15-11 12-15 15-3
Craig Van Der Wath (Rsa)
Chris Walker
9-15 15-13 10-15 15-9 17-15
Amr Shabana
Amr Shabana

15-12 15-10 15-7

Thierry Lincou

Thierry Lincou


15/12 13/15 15/11 12/15 15/11


Rodney Durbach

Amr Shabana (Egy)
15-11 7-15 8-15 15-11 15-2
Stephen Meads (Eng)
Thierry Lincou (Fra)
15-9 15-7 15-8
Glenn Whittaker (Rsa)
Thierry Lincou
7-15 13-15 15-13 15-12

Joseph Kneipp
Joseph Kneipp (Aus)
15-8 15-12 15-11
Tommy Berden (Ned)
Rodney Durbach (Rsa)
 15/17 15/9 15/9 15/11
Renan Lavigne
Rodney Durbach
15-13 15-7 15-6
Peter Marshall
Rodney Durbach

15-12 11-15 15-12

Omar Elborolossy

John Williams (Aus)
  15/10 17/15 15/3
Peter Marshall
Derek Ryan (Irl)
15/12 15/13 17/14
Peter Genever (Eng)
Derek Ryan
15/8 15/8 15/12
Omar Elborolossy
Stefan Casteleyn
15/13 15/10 17/15
Omar Elborolossy (Egy)


25 year old Thierry Lincou of France captured the 2001 MILO S A Squash Challenge title when in a grueling encounter he outplayed South Africa’s national captain, Rodney Durbach, in five games.  

Trailing 9-10 in the first game Lincou, who the previous week had been runner-up in the prestigious Hong Kong Open, playing tight, deep drives from both wings, worked Durbach all over the court to notch 6 consecutive points to pocket the first game 15-10 in 27 minutes. 

In the second game Lincou led 4-1 and 9-6 before Durbach executed some accurate crosscourt volleys and reverse angle boasts and equaled points at 9-all. With Lincou making 3 uncharacteristic unforced errors, Durbach was back in control and he won the game 15-13 to level matters.

The third game provided even more squash at its best with long rallies, punctuated by attacking drives, precise volleys, pin-point placings and two players not willing to give an inch. Unfortunately, 3 consecutive errors by Durbach when leading 10-9, allowed the Frenchman a reprieve and he won the game 15-12. 

As with the second game Lincou ran up a 4-1 lead before a re-focused Durbach, a former Pretoria High School pupil, returned to the fray and led 7-4 and 14-9. He levelled matters at 2 games all by winning the game 15-10 on the first game ball. 

Leading 8-7 in the decider, Durbach was 7 points away from a PSA title but Lincou’s cunning courtcraft began to take its toll. Although desperately trying to keep in the match an exhausted Durbach could only but witness the third seed gain the upperhand to command a 13-9 lead. With deep drives he took the match 15-10 after a 100 minutes of crowd pleasing squash. 

Craig van der Wath won the inaugural Milo Men’s Open (South Africa’s top 8) when he outplayed Mike Tootill in straight games. Northern Gautenger Farrah Sterne caused a surprise when she accounted for top seed Angie Clifton Parks to take the Milo Women’s Open Title.    

MILO SA Squash Challenge 2001 - background


27th Aug - 2nd Sep 2001


The Wanderers Squash Club,

The Supersport Show,

Prize money:

$50 000

CONTACT Glenn Whittaker
The Sports Consultancy
Fax: (011) 462-5177
Cell: 083 229 0632


Stefan Casteleyn wins 3-2 again ...

Glenn Whittaker

The Sports Consultancy
Fax: (011) 462-5177
Cell: 083 229 0632


Qualifying Finals  28-Aug:
Peter Marshall bt Mark Burke  15/7 15/6 15/3
Renan Lavigne bt Adrian Hansen 15/11 9/15 12/15 15/7 15/9
Craig Van Der Wath bt Gavin Jones 15/7 15/9 15/7
Stefan Casteleyn bt Mike Tootill 12/15 15/11 15/9 15/17 15/6

First qualifying round 27-Aug:
Peter Marshall bt Fabrice Ruscoe  15/9 15/7 15/4
Mark Burke bt Gabor Marges  6/15 15/12 15/17 15/10 retd
Renan Lavigne bt Andre Holderegger  15/3 15/2 15/3
Adrian Hansen bt Michael Hopkins  15/11 15/4 15/4
Gavin Jones bt John Abrahamse  5/15 15/6 15/6 15/9
Craig Van Der Wath bt Mark Cairns  15/10 15/11 15/9
Mike Toothill bt Glenn Keenan  15/13 17/14 15/6
Stefan Casteleyn bt Greg La Mude  15/12 12/15 15/12 11/15 15/12 

The Milo SA Squash Challenge
Following the success of the 2000 Milo SA Squash Challenge, The Sports Consultancy secured a further two-year title sponsorship with Nestle Milo to develop and promote squash in South Africa.

Squash coverage received a boost in 2000 when Milo took on sponsorship of the SA Squash Challenge. This year Milo’s sponsorship will be used to further squash development amongst the juniors. Milo so far has sponsored all junior squash inter-provincials throughout South Africa, enabling these tournaments to run more professionally and players to receive incentivised prizes sponsored by Milo and tournament subsidiary sponsors, namely Dunlop and Hitec.

Milo got involved at a critical time for squash development and is responsible for the increase in the number of squash players of all ages, gender and race.

The response from the juniors and other squash enthusiasts has been extremely encouraging. “I believe the enthusiasm, which stems from the Milo spirit is a direct reflection of the brand and its importance in helping develop sports in South Africa,” says Glenn Whittaker, SA’s no.1 squash player and director of The Sports Consultancy. He says squash has been neglected for a few years and fortunately and thanks to Milo’s sponsorship, the number of local squash tournaments is increasing and the sport is receiving more coverage than before.

He says according to Squash South Africa, squash is the fourth biggest participating sport in the country, yet it hasn’t received the coverage that other major sports have.

“As a professional squash player I have watched the game suffer in the past few years which has mainly been due to lake of interest from management and a significant decrease in sponsorship. As a result I have taken on the challenge to promote squash in the hope of getting it back to what it was in the 80s,” he says.

The four-wall glass court has increased spectatorship around the world and squash is proving to be a beneficial financial investment for corporates.

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has signed a 21 million pound deal to promote squash globally. In 2002 we should see more squash being televised and hopefully the sponsorship investment will follow.

The Sports Consultancy aims to grow squash at all levels. Whittaker says with the help of sponsors including Milo there will be more junior tournaments and a squash circuit for young aspiring players and professional players to compete in.

“With the introduction of squash at primary school level, squash numbers increasing and the monetary support received from sponsors, it is only a matter of time before squash is recognised as one of South Africa’s major sports,” he says.

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