Draw & Results

Doubles Finale and Pro Coaches

Jonathon Power turned it on in the final against Thierry Lincou but the week at Broadgate was about more than just the pro matches - it was really a festival of squash.

Complementing the final was the exhibition doubles and earlier in the day there had been the final of the Celebrity-Am competition with the fortunate Guido Le Lorain, who had drawn Rebecca Macree as a partner, coming out on top over Chris Hobbs and Ellery Hanley.

In the doubles event there was tons of fun and incident - don't try this at your own club, not like this anyway - with the winners really irrelevant. That was the warm-up for Jonathon Power and obviously put him in the right mood because he carried on in an exhibition vain much of Thierry Lincou's frustration.

The doubles team of Nick Matthew and James Willstrop vs the Garner brothers Tim and Ben played on the Thursday afternoon in front of a packed audience of 350 Brit Insurance guests and provided such spectacular entertainment that it was suggested the four could provide a traveling squash circus. The four also provided the curtain raiser for the final on Friday evening.

Player and Clinics

Throughout the week the players put in a considerable amount of their own time providing exclusive coaching clinics for sponsors, Brit Insurance, and groups of school children.  The clinics were incredibly well received and the players time was hugely appreciated by event promoters, WSM and all those who took part. Nick Matthew, Lee Beachill and Peter Nicol were amongst those to help out.

The children will have had a sporting memory to take through their lives with Peter Nicol, former world no.1 running through the basics with them and enthusing them on the game. What youngster could forget the British Champion Lee Beachill leading them around the court on a warm-up run?

It was all part of a great week at Broadgate with the viewing excitement of the professional Finals, the Celebratory-Am, the Doubles, the Player Clinics, former world champion Ross Norman coaching the British Land clients, the Lord Taveners' fundraising activities, Kingfisher's awards and beer tasting, the competitions and raffles. It was a great meeting place. A great week in squash!



The doubles line-up of Nick Matthew and James Willstrop takes on the Garner brothers.


Peter Nicol helps a young player with his basic stance.


Young players are put through their paces by Peter Nicol.


Lee Beachill leads his young charges on a warm-up run.


Nick Matthew and Brit Insurance's Phil Wolski together with a group of young players.