Super Series Finals Unveil
New PSA Scoring System

A new era in men's professional squash will be heralded next week when a new scoring system is unveiled at the 2004 Brit Insurance Super Series Finals at the Broadgate Arena in London, from 10th - 14th May.

The new scoring system - best-of-five-game matches, with each game scoring point-a-rally (PAR) to 11 points, with a requirement for two clear points to win the game from 10-all - will be used for the first time at the Professional Squash Association's prestigious annual event, now in its 12th year. The system is designed and promoted to bring the professional game further into the 21st century as an explosive and exciting game for players, aficionados and audiences - whether live, on television or via the internet.

PSA Chief Executive Gawain Briars explains: "Since we announced the new regime, there has been much dialogue and discussion on the subject. For that matter alone I am pleased, because it demonstrates how passionate squash fans and administrators are globally about the core value and traditions of our game. But PSA is as sure as we can be that this new system, after 16 years of the previous system which has served us well, will ultimately be a success for this new time.

"All the major issues of professional squash played before audiences have been carefully considered, including elements such as stamina, crisis moments, the dynamics of individual rallies, the new tactics players will have to adopt, the length of matches, promoter-friendly scheduling, television/internet and, of course, player career longevity," Briars continued.

"The PSA is not attempting to re-invent the wheel to adapt ourselves for perceived Olympic attraction through uniformity of scoring numbers. This could be interpreted as a deception when, patently, all of us in the squash fraternity know that point-a-rally and international scoring are very different. Whilst it is perhaps tempting to be negative about the change before it has even been implemented, PSA believes that this change is good for the professional game which, after all, is the shop window for the sport.

"If the professional game is more exciting to watch, then more people will become involved in the game and our chances of Olympic entry may be enhanced.

"The feedback I have received from top players has been most encouraging, and that before a single ball in competition has been struck under the new system. It is my anticipation that the new system will receive a fair and objective hearing over this next period. I believe that this moment is a watershed and PSA is delighted that the Brit Insurance Super Series Finals is sharing with us the opportunity of showcasing the brand new 'PSA to 11'," Briars concluded.

Details of the new scoring:

  • Each game is scored up to 11 points, point-a-rally.
    Matches are best-of-five games.

  • Rest in between games to remain as per PSA rules (two minutes).

  • If the game score reaches 10-10 (ten all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game/match by two clear points.

  • The Marker to call: "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, player to win by two clear points, 0-0 (love all)".

  • This announcement to be made only for the first game where the score reaches 10 all. Thereafter, Marker to call from second game on, at 10-10 (ten all): "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, love all".

  • The Marker to then to call the score as: "1-0 game ball (or match ball)", then "1-1", then "2-1 game ball (or match ball)", then "3-1 game to ** (match to **)".

  • Service to continue as per current PSA rules.

  • The game score is then recorded, for all purposes, as: 11-10 (3-1). All scores are recorded with 11 as the winning player's score.