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Guy Pearson notched up a notable double in the Warwickshire Racketball Championships at the weekend (2-4TH Oct) at Edgbaston Priory when he won both the Men’s Open and the Junior titles.

In the Men’s final, sponsored by PROACT, the Kenilworth youngster beat Stuart Lynch, while in the WORXINFO junior event, he eased past Jonathon Pitts of Studley by the same margin. Top seed Nick Hynes was forced to withdraw during his semi final against Tom Robinson (Kenilworth). In the other semi final, Pearson beat Anil Ram Priory), who upset third seed Simon Fokes (West Warks) 3-2.

Vicky Hynes of Edgbaston Priory retained her Women’s Open title, remarkably only two months after giving birth to her second child, beating Grace Talbot of Kenilworth 3-0. Talbot won the Junior Girls’ title, beating Libby Corke (Priory) 3-0 in the final.

This was the first time a Junior County Racketball Championships has been held in the UK, and sponsor Graham Greensall of Worxinfo is keen that it should become a regular feature of the tournament calendar, and that other counties should follow Warwickshire’s lead.

Proact, meanwhile, are happy to be sponsoring the main events for a second year, under CEO Andy Smith, who also captains Priory’s first team in the Warwickshire league.

Tournament Director Rob Shay was delighted with the way the event ran, and added that he would like to see more participants next year in the Junior and Women’s events.


MEN’S OPEN                      GUY PEARSON bt STUART LYNCH 3 – 0
WOMEN’S OPEN                 VICKY HYNES bt GRACE TALBOT 3 – 0
MEN’S OVER 35                  CERRYG JONES bt GARY ROBINSON 3 -  0
MEN’S OVER 45                  MIKE LIVOCK bt ROB SHAY 3 – 0
MEN’S OVER 55                  JIM McCOLLOM BT RICHARD WALLER 3 – 1
MEN’S PLATE                     PETER WATT bt MALCOLM GRIFFITHS 3 – 0

Full results are available on the Edgbaston Priory website

PROACT: (CLICK LINK: http://www.proactfinancial.co.uk/warwickshire-racketball-championships.html )

WORXINFO: (CLICK LINK: http://www.worxinfo.com )

Warks Gallery click images for larger view

Prizewinners at the 2009 Warks County Championships

Men's Open Winner Guy Pearson
with Andy Smith (Proact)

Men's Open Runner-up Stewart Lynch
with Andy Smith (Proact)

Women's Open winner Vicky Hynes
with Andy Smith (Proact)

Women's Open Runner-up Grace Talbot with Andy Smith (Proact)

Men's Over 45 Winner Mike Livock
with Andy Smith

Men's Over 45 runner-up and
Tournament Director Rob Shay
with Andy Smith, CEO Proact
click images for larger view

Men's Over 55 winner Jim McCollom
with Andy Smith (Proact)

Men's Over 55 Runner-up
Richard Waller with Andy Smith

Men's Over 65 Winner John Shingler
with Andy Smith

Over 65 Runner-up Chris Isaacs
with Andy Smith (Proact)
click images for larger view

Plate Winner
Peter Watt with Andy Smith

Women's Over 45 Runner-up
Pippa Phelan with Andy Smith (Proact)

Men's Junior Champion Guy Pearson
with sponsor Graham Greensall (Worxinfo)

Boys' Under 19 Runner-up Jonathon Pitts with Graham Greensall (Worxinfo)

Girls Under 19 and Under 15 runner-up Libby Corke with Graham Greensall (Worxinfo)

Girls' Under 19 Winner Grace Talbot
click images for larger view

Girls' Under 15 winner Ellie Atkinson with Graham Greensall (Worxinfo)
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