POINTFORE launch new squash ball  06-Apr-02

Pointfore's Richard Packham on the new ball ...

I have been thinking about introducing this product for quite some time as I have always felt that competition is healthy and currently in the squash ball arena we have only one choice.

I started work on a ball some years ago but dropped this idea when Prince came into the market place with a ball - but we all know what happened there.

Then very recently I stumbled on a ball that as soon as I held it in my hand I knew this was very similar to the ‘other ball’ as soon as I tried this ball on court I realised very quickly that it was very close. (I do know a little about squash balls being a county squash player and also represent Wales vets).

The ball did not skid through when hitting the floor or wall so all I had to do now was to put hours on the ball to test the durability. When I was totally satisfied I sent samples to coaches and club owners (whom were sworn to secrecy) they all came back with the same positive result.

The next step was to get the speeds correct – this was more difficult. Once this was achieved we decided to use more players, coaches and club owners to test the ball. They all came back with the same result ‘they could not tell the difference, if there was a difference it was only very slight’.


Enter Pointfore

To order by email:     sales@pointfore.co.uk
To order by  phone:  01275 374212

We’ve got ‘the BALL(S)’
It’s true. All those who have tested them for us agree that there is no difference between ours and the ‘other ball’

The ball was tested and developed over many months using all standard of players from professionals, club players, coaches and squash club owners throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. A great deal of the testing was carried out in conjunction with Dave Morrish, principle coach at the renowned Wycliffe College Squash Academy.

As one former S.R.A. organiser stated after playing three matches with the ball; “You’ve got it spot on”.

The Ball is available in 4 speeds extra super slow, slow, medium and fast and will retail at around £2.00 - £2.15 per ball.

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