Thierry Lincou

Hi Framboise,

Just a little word about yesterday’s match…

Simon fully deserved his victory, he showed his true qualities as a fighter.

On my part, I didn’t get into the match, I wasn't aggressive enough, I was playing unusual volley drops…

Physically, I didn’t feel very well. I was quickly out of breath, and to crown it all, the rallies in the first two games were rather long.

So, after winning the second I felt short of energy, extremely tired, then hypoglycaemic in the fifth.

When I got off court the doctors on duty advised me to go to casualty as I did take an elbow in the ribs at the end of the second game.

For five minutes, I couldn’t move, but I didn’t feel any pain afterwards. I want to say clearly that it didn’t affect my game whatsoever. Simon played very well.

So, to put everybody’s mind at rest, I went to hospital for a check-up, and left at 2.30am, absolutely knackered, but there’s nothing broken.

There you go.

I’m now on my way to Paris, to rejoin my family, and prepare for the Super Gerrard and the British Open…

See you soon,

Thierry Lincou

I am so lucky.

Yes, I am…

Working amongst squash champions, I have the chance to know amazing human beings.

You may remember the admiration and respect that I felt for Mr John White during his quarter-final against James Willstrop in Sheffield.

Well, on the French site, after reading the report from Colleen Turner and the fact that Thierry Lincou received a severe "elbow to the ribs" at the end of the second game during his match against Simon Parke, I was wondering if that injury had any bearing on the final result, and the terrible score line that followed.

Well, Thierry immediately wanted to make clear to me and to the French readers what really happened. And in my eyes, you see a great champion not in victory, but in defeat.

I let you judge….