Your coverage of the birth of our two new nephews has been great, thanks. We have been in contact with the Whites and all seems to be well, with both mother and Max and Sam. It's nice to see that this story is in the hands of someone who can relate the joy and happiness of the family to the squash world as well as you have done.

Vicki and Joe Manning
(Susie White's sister+husband)

Un gros MERCI à tous pour votre soutien à NOTRE FILS. Ensemble, le squash est GRAND: MERCI Framboise, Franck et PAUL ! MERCI Thierry pour ce magnifique CADEAU de fête des mères !

Céline Lincou

A superb article presentation. I am very impressed with the whole profile. I don't know if people will be interested in it, but it is superbly presented .
Joe Shaw

Your style is great, it attracts criticism from us mere males. Go get them !!!! It can't hurt me anymore.
Superb job on the site. I can't congratulate you enough.
Very good. It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought to be mad, than to open it and prove that you are !!!!!!!! I knew I should not have talked to you !!!!!
Very well done.

Joe Shaw
As an avid reader of all squash reports that I can find on the Internet, I have to say that I really do enjoy reading Ms Gommendy's reports to date.

She is now excelling at Canary Wharf, has put fun into match reports and every thing else surrounding the tournament..... even the loos have been mentioned.
Her reports along with more traditional reports (but still good) of Thatcher and Willstrop have been really good for the tournament and I think the best reported tournament that I can remember.

I think that the PSA, WISPA, BSPA etc should sign her up and take her on the tour to report on as many tournaments as possible.

Just my thoughts and keep it going Framboise.
Houston Calling

I agree, the reports have been great and also very prompt as with the updating of the results, keep up the good work
Dan Gilbank

I agree, the reports have been great and also very prompt as with the updating of the results, keep up the good work

She [gets her reports out] very quickly and with humor and with a couple of shot by shot stories.

I bet you a lot more people are reading her articles. This is good for the tournament, the players, the organizers, the sponsors and squash in general.
By the way, I am male.
Houston Calling

I'm male too, but I don't think it's too relevant. I like her stuff too. She gives you a much better sense of the occasion for those unable to be there - what's going on in the crowd/around the court - quips between the players - and I like her honesty and openness. Keep up the good work Fromage! Oh - and while we're on the subject, is it common in France to be named after a summer fruit? Gives a whole new meaning to blowing a rasberry...

I am a strong supporter of Framboise's new involvement ... I think she brings a consistent treatment of ongoing news, with great humor, a more than decent English (let any critics try the reverse !) and interesting insight in the small events around the courts... I hope she stays long onboard...
Yves Damaur

Just about the best squash reporting I've ever come across - she gives you that being there feeling which is often totally different from what you read the day after (like 'Player X controlled the match' whereas in reality it went to the wire in every game). It would now be perfect to counter her comments with comments from a professional trainer - I think then we'd have the most sophisticated press of any racquet sport.

I like the off-beat observations and the French insight which breaks away from the stifling formality often associated with traditional squash coverage.

Her reporting is a great asset and - forgive me for being politically incorrect - she's not a bad looker either!
Dave McMahon

fresh, lively, inventive, funny. keep it coming!
Susan Storm

Ma chère Framboise

Nous avons beaucoup apprécié ta PRESENCE aux deux tournois : t'as été géniale, entière , vraie ; quelle passionnée de ton métier ! chapeau pour tout ce que t'as apporté au squash français ! avec ce parfum substil " Framboise " quelle note de gaîté t'as apporté au squash français !

Je suis une maman comblée : un fabuleux CADEAU de fête des mères que Thierry m'a offert ! pour moi, c'est le "messager" de joie, d'amour et de paix ; Rendons grâce au Seigneur , Sauveur et Libérateur !
N 1 MONDIAL à NOEL , champion super series pour l' ASCENSION !

quelle coincidence , quelle attention de notre CREATEUR !
Ne t'inquiète pas , tu trouveras une solution à tes ptits soucis : Jésus t' AIME telle que tu es ! crois et tu seras sauvée " Venez à moi vous tous qui ployez sous le fardeau, je vous soulagerai " .

Union de prières et à un de ces jours sous les tropiques

Bises tropicales ( le volcan pête actuellement !

Céline la" mongolfière "

Salut notre framboise nationale et internationale.

Je voulais te remercier pour tes super rapports sur le site et pour l'attention que tu portes aux frenchies, ca fait vraiment du bien.
Tu as les remerciements de mes parents bien sur et de max qui est a coté de moi.
voila, ,tu n'auras pas eu de bouteille de champ cette fois, mais l'envie y etait.
Y en avait une pour les parents et l'autre pour big franck.

Thierry Lincou
Franchement, tu as fait du bon boulot.
Je suis en train de me dire que ce n'est pas possible, je dois réver d'avoir un article aussi bien.
Tu crois pas qu'il est unique cet article.

Je ressent enfin de la reconnaissance pour toutes les années que j'ai joué. J'avais l'impression de n'être rien dans le monde du squash, là, vraiment c'est un beau cadeau et je vais etre fière de le montrer à tout le monde, je vais le garder très précieusement.

Encore un grand merci à toi, je ne sais pas comment te le dire.

Corinne Castets