Epstein & Becker
USSRA Men's Professional
Championships 2003

12-15 June, Los Angeles, $15k

15-Jun, Final:
[3/4] Jamie Crombie bt [1] Damian Walker  9/4, 9/3, 3/9, 9/5

Ohio's Jamie Crombie scored an upset win in the final of the Epstein and Becker US Men's Pro Championships in Los Angeles.

Crombie followed up his semi-final victory over second seed Preston Quick with a 3/1 win over top seed Damian Walker to claim the title.

14-Jun, Semi-Finals:
[1] Damian Walker bt [5/8] Richard Chin   3/0
[3/4] Jamie Crombie bt [2] Preston Quick  3/2


The former Leicester-based Damian Walker meets Jamie Crombie in the final of the USSRA Men's Professional Championships at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Top seed Walker beat Richard Chin in the semi-finals while third seed Crombie followed his victory over Tim Wyant by beating No.2 seed Preston Quick 3-2 in the semis. Walker has so far powered through the draw without dropping a game.

13-Jun, Quarter-Finals:
[1] Damian Walker bt [5/8] Dylan Patterson  3/0
[5/8] Richard Chin bt [3/4] Julian Illingworth  3/0
[3/4] Jamie Crombie bt [5/8] Tim Wyant  3/0
[2] Preston Quick bt [5/8] Beau River  3/1


Top seeds Damian Walker and Preston Quick remain on course for a meeting in the final of the US Pro Championships in Los Angeles, but third seed Richard Illingworth crashed out in the quarter-finals to Richard Chin.

Chin meets top seed Damian Walker in the top-half semi-final, while second seed and defending champion Quick meets Jamie Crombie.

Top draw for Los Angeles
USSRA Men's Team selection event

Bob Hanscom reports

Unlike previous Credit Suisse "Mini-Circuit" USSRA Men's Team selection events, Los Angeles will host a full 16 player, highly competitive draw.

The law firm of Epstein Becker & Green, in conjunction with Credit Suisse First Boston and The Los Angeles Athletic Club, have made this event, scheduled for Thursday through Sunday, June 12-15, a $15,000 prize money (including hotel bonus) tournament.

It also carries the title of the Fourth Annual USSRA Men's Professional Squash Championships and this year, will be the National closed (American citizens only) PSA event for ranking points.

The 16 player draw will feature nine of the twelve top ranked American squash players in the nation, including: Damian Walker; Preston Quick; Jamie Crombie; Julian Illingworth; Richard Chin; Tim Wyant; Dylan Patterson and Jason Jewell. The remainder of the draw includes Paul Brogna (Rochester) and Ryan Donegan, (Dartmouth), and local L.A.residents and former outstanding collegians Jim Masland, (Harvard), Nick Guethe, (Princeton), Jon Foster, (Penn) and Jamie Fishkin, (Cornell).

The competition promises to be one of the best in the series of selection events, with head-to-head battles between current and former champions.

The event will also feature eight draws of eight players for local amateurs.


Crombie receives the trophy
from Bob Hanscom &
Kristoff Kunzmann of the LAAC

Walker (right) in shock defeat ...

photos from FeatherSports


LAAC Homepage ...

Tournament Organiser:
Bob Hanscom



2003 Epstein Becker & Green USSRA Men's Pro. Squash Championships

Sunday Saturday Friday Friday          Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
           C2 River   1. Damian Walker      
    Sandler          7 p.m. Ct 5 Walker    
River 9pm Ct 5   2. Jared Sandler      
  Brogna 11am Ct 5     1pm Ct 5 Walker  
  11:15 a.m.     3. Paul Brogna C-1 (3-0, 3, 3, 1)  
  Ct. 5   Brogna         4 p.m. Ct. 5 Patterson    
Wyant       4. Dylan Patterson   12:15  
              Ct. 5 Walker
             C3 Wyant   5. Richard Chin   Playoff (3-0)
      Donegan         5 p.m. Ct. 5 Chin #3 (3, 8, 4)
  Wyant 8pm Ct 5   6. Ryan Donegan      
    Donegan 10am Ct 5     12pm Ct 5 Chin  
        7. Nick Guethe C-4 (3-0, 6, 2, 2)  
11 a.m.     Guethe         6 p.m. Ct. 5 Illingworth   1 p.m
Ct. #6       8. Julian Illingworth     Ct. #6
Tim Wyant                Jamie Crombie Crombie
(3-1, 3/9, 9/3, 9/1, 9/2)   9. Jamie Crombie   (3-1, 9/4, 9/3, 3/9, 9/5)
Consolation Champion Schwartz         6 p.m. Ct. 6 Crombie      U.S. Champion
        10. Josh Schwartz      
    Schwartz 10am Ct 6   12pm Ct 6 Crombie  
        11. Jim Masland C-3 (3-0, 6, 2, 2)  
  Illingworth 8pm Ct 6 Masland         5 p.m. Ct. 6 Wyant    
             C4 Illingworth   12. Tim Wyant   12:15  
   11:15 am           Ct. 6 Crombie
  Ct. 6     13. Beau River   Playoff (3/2)
Illingworth     Jewell         4 p.m. Ct. 6 River #4 (6/9, 3/9,
      14. Jason Jewell     9/5, 9/2, 9/5)
  Fishkin 11am Ct 6   1pm Ct 6 Quick  
      15. Jamie Fishkin C-2 (3-1, 6, (7/9) 1, 0)  
Patterson 9pm Ct 6 Fishkin         7 p.m. Ct. 6 Quick    
           C1 Patterson   16. Preston Quick      
              3/4 Playoff      
               P3 Richard Chin      
      12 p.m. Ct. #6      Richard Chin  
               P4 Preston Quick       3rd Place  
          (3-1, 6/9, 9/7, 9/5, 9/7)


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