Brasil Open 2003
02-05 October, Goiania, Brazil  $10k

[2] Borja Golan (Esp) bt [1] Azlan Iskandar (Mas)
     11/15, 15/6, 15/6, 15/5

Golan captures Brazilian crown
Spain's second seed Borja Golan made up for his disappointment in last week's Ciutat de Barcelona by capturing the Brazilian Open title in Goiania.

Borja Golan beat Mohd Iskandar in four games to conquer Brasil Open 2003. Iskandar began with the same perfect squash showed during the week. Long rallies, too much speed and excellent nick shots to open a 11/5 lead. Golan
reacted and drew back to 10/12, but Iskandar keep the pace to close in 15/11.

In the second game it was the turn of Golan to show his best squash. Wonderful drop shots mixed with power made Iskandar run  to all four corners of the glass court. Golan open a 10/4 lead and maintain the rhythm to close win

For the first time in this week Iskandar looked tired. In the third Iskandar seemed to be back to the match and opened a 6/1 lead, but it was his lasy gas ... Golan had a fantastic comeback to score 14 points in a row and close the game 15/6!

In that moment, the crowd present in the Buriti Shopping Centre noted Iskandar was in a critical phisical situtation and only a miracle could change the final result.

Iskandar started the fourth game with expressions of tireness and pain, meanwhile Golan continued to show excellent legs and heart to save almost impossible balls. Iskandar made every last effort but it was not enough...

Golan dominated the game with a strong rhythm, scoring the points and serving quickly so as not to give a chance to Iskandar recover his breath. Iskandar felt the effect of two finals in a row and finally surrendered ... Golan won the final game by 15/5 and hold the Brasil Open 2003 title.

See you next year!

Results and reports courtesy of MoriSquash

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Brasil 2003
1st Round
Thu 2nd
Fri 3rd
Sat 4th
Sun 5th
[1] Azlan Iskander (Mas)
15/9 8/15 15/10 15/8
[Q] Ronivaldo Conceição (Bra)
Azlan Iskander
15/9 15/8 15/12
Ben Garner
Azlan Iskander

15/9 15/5 15/11

Peter Barker

Azlan Iskander

 11/15, 15/6, 15/6, 15/5

Borja Golan

Ben Garner (Eng)
15/9 8/15 15/10 15/8
Scott Fitzgerald (Wal)
[3] Lee Drew (Eng)
15/12 15/9 15/11
[Q] Eric Galvez (Mex)
Lee Drew
15/6 15/11 15/8
Peter Barker
Andrew Whipp (Eng)
15/7 15/9 15/11
Peter Barker (Eng)
[Q] Jorge Gutierrez (Arg)
10/15 12/15 15/12 15/6 15/8
Laurens Anjema (Ned)
Jorge Gutierrez
15/9 15/7 17/16
Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Kemp

15/12 15/8 15/13

Borja Golan

Alister Walker (Eng)
15/11 15/6 15/13
[4] Jonathan Kemp (Eng)
Rafael Alarcon (Bra)
15/13 12/15 15/12 15/10
Alex Stait (Eng)
Rafael Alarcon
15/3 15/12 15/3
Borja Golan
[Q] Luciana Barbosa (Bra)
15/2 15/8 15/9
[2] Borja Golan (Esp)

Qualifying (Wed 1st):

Eric Galvez (Mex), Lucianp Barbosa (Bra), Ronivaldo Conceição (Bra), Mohamed Elkeiy (Egy), Jorge Gutierrez (Arg), Vinícius Costa (Bra), Esteban Casarino

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RESULTS & Reports

Top seeds on song in Brazil

The favourites Mohd Azlan Iskandar and Borja Golan advanced to final without major problems, both still to concede a game in the tournament.

 Borja beats Jonathan Kemp in straight games and always had control of the match. He opened 12/4 lead in the first, before taking it 15/12. The second was a similar story. Golan lead 9/2, Kemp drew back to 8/9 and finally Golan closed it out 15/8. The pattern was repeated in the third, with Golan opening to 9/3, Kemp reaching to 8/9 and 13/12 but Golan once again upped the pace to take the game 15/13 and the match 3/0.

Mohd Iskandar made Barker work very hard, and Barker was a willing runner.. Very long rallies, in each point with the same final result: point to Iskandar He dominated the match from beginning to end and close easily in straight games, 15/9 15/5  15/10.

Tomorrow's final promises much, and the crowd here in South America are anxious to see the great final between the top seeds.

The favourites still go on ...
Mohd Iskandar beat Ben Garner without a lot work. He is in perfect shape and impressed the crowd in Goiania. Spaniard Borja Golan showed  great squash and punished the home crowd favourite Rafael Alarcon.

Golan began with a mix of strong and smooth shots, forcing Alarcon to go to all four corners of the glass court. The first game was 15/3, to the surprise of the full house. In the second Alarcon reacted and the game was even until 9 all, after which Golan took advantage to close it out 15/12.

Rafael is known for not surrendering in any circumstances, and in other tournaments he has treated the crowd to great comebacks but not this time. Golan displayed great squash and closed the match with another incredible 15/13.

In the other matches, Jonathan Kemp beat Argentinian Jorge Gutierrez in 3 straight games, but the last one was the best of the day. Jonathan cut his nose in one rally when his racket shocked the glass and turned directly to his face. At that moment the game was 13/12 to Gutierrez. After 5 minutes. Kemp returned and moved to matchball 14/13, Gutierrez levelled at 14 all and then 16 all, but Jonathan kept the pace to win the match and advanced to face Golan in tomorrow's semi-final.

The last game of the night was a British battle between Lee Drew, seed #3 and Peter Barker, runner-up at the World Junior Championship last year. Barker dominated the match and won easily in straight games. He now meets the top seed Mohd iskandar in the semi-finals.

First Round:
Top seeds advance
in Brazilian heat

The top seeds advanced without problem in the first round in Goiania, but the Brazilian heat caused problems for some.

 Mohd Izkandar and Borja Golan dominated the brazilians Ronivaldo Conceição and Luciano Barbosa, who had the crowd support, but it was not enough.

The glass court at the Buriti Shopping Center was the arena for the 8 first round matches. The first game began at 13:00 local time and the heat was intense.

Two players, Scott Fitzgerald and Laurens Anjema, struggled in the 35° celsius heat of Goiania and had problems. Laurens was 2 games up over Argentinian Jorge Gutierrez but the weather was cruel and Laurens was almost ill on court. He just about finished the game and went away in strong pain. Scott also just after the game complained of stomach pain.

Rafael Alarcon, supported by the hometown crowd, played an excellent game to push Alex Stait to limit, and ie now is the only brazilian left in the quarter-finals.

Babelfish translation of Portuguese original from MoriSquash

Brazil Open starts in this 1º of October with some alterations of last hour. The Irishan Read Kenny that had place guaranteed in the main key and the Alexander Frenchman Bell had given up to participate and with this he had important changes. The Welshman Scott Fitzgerald was with the vacant of Read Kenny and faces the English Ben Garner in the first round. With the promotion of Fitzgerald and the desistances of the Frenchman and also of the Vinicius Brazilian Coast, for financial problems, he made with that qualy only had 6 athletes. Of this form, the Mexican Erick Galvez and the Brazilian Luciano Barbosa already are classified depending only on the sosrteio to know its adversaries.

They fight for the 2 final vacant: the Brazilian Ronivaldo Conceição, the Egyptian Mohamed ELkeiy, the Argentine Jorge Gutierrez and Paraguay Esteban Casarino. In the main key the favourite person or thing to be with the heading is the malaio Mohamed Azlan Iskandar, nº 36 of the world and that it comes of good results. Last week Iskandar was with the vice-championship of the Saint Barbara Open in the United States, match with awarding of U$ 10.000. Iskandar lost in the end for the Australian Paul Price, current 20º of the world and former top 10.

The Spaniard Borja Golan, 43º of the world, also has good possibilities to be with the heading, although to have disappointed its twisted one to the being eliminated in the first round of Barcelona Open. But the Spaniard is a great player and can recover in Brazil Open. Beyond them, England comes with a legion of 7 players, who although young, they come growing in ranking world-wide and getting good resulted in the circuit. Prominence for Jonathan winning Kemp last week of the super match satelite Barcelona Open, Ben Garner, half-finalista in the Saint Barbara Open, only losing for the great Paul Price, and Alister half-finalista Walker in Barcelona Open.

Between the Brazilians, Rafael Alarcon, 106º of the world, received the invitation from the organizadores and estréia against the English Alex Stait, 63º. Alex does not come of good results and was eliminated in the first one twirled of the 2 last matches that played. If Rafael to repeat the performance of the Companion Open in Campinas in which was champion and defeated very better athletes with rankings that its, has everything to pass to fourth of end. Luciano Barbosa and Ronivaldo Conceição when passing for qualy must soon have strong crossings in the first game, however playing in house and with the support of the twisted one also they can surprise, especially Roni.

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