photos from Framboise Gommendy

Rocking the defeat away ...

from Fritz Borchert

Volunteers receive recognition at the party

English Dancing

Frédérique Kirsh

Don't look now Vicky, it's ...

Isabelle waits for 3rd/4th match

Liberté ready for the final stages

England's men ponder ...

See no interference, hear no interference ...

English girls relax

Ammunition for the caption competition!

Annelize Naude

Laurent Elriani

Referees for French semi

Jacques & Madame Fontaine
(Jacques is President of the
French Squash Federation)

Laurens Anjema (L)

Lincou family up early

Loic Thébault & Loic Marzin

Belgian Ladies
study the ASB court

Jenny Duncalf gets her orders from David Pearson

Laurent ... Mister Transport

France open proceedings at Liberté ...


POOL STAGES Photo Gallery

No no, fly the flag like this ...

Better !!

The Ultimate Entente Cordiale ... STORY

France in the semis ...


Match ball to someone ???

Corinne Castets

Renan Lavigne with his father

Gregory's Girl ???

Bill West, Tournament Referee ...

Roy Gingell, REF ...

MORE refs !!! (43 in all)

End of a hard match for Switzerland against Italy

Sweden's Badr Abdel Aziz

Entente cordiale ... for now!

Gregory Gaultier

Stevie brushes up his French

Sweden's Joachim Karlsson

You're playing Joachim on court 83, James.

I'm ok ... I've finished.

I'm sneaking on here next

... he's just nicked my court!

Finnish team watch as the action gets under way

Lincou warms up ...

The hosts take a keen interest too
Gaultier and National Coach André Delhoste

... with Arcucci

Mr & Mrs Lincou ...

... and son

Martin Heath

England have arrived ...

... Matthew & Grant

Laurence & Nathalie have
the merchandise ready

a nest of referees ...

Albert Médina, French ref

A hectic squash week in store

37 teams !!!

Denis Pasco & Loic Marzin ... Big Boss!

Belgians talk tactics

The Dutch team tuck in

Laurens Anjema