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North of Scotland Open
3rd-6th March 2012
Round 1
Mike Black beat Neal Brooker 3/0
Liam Gutcher beat Gavin Sutherland w/o
Gareth Naidoo beat Douglas Kempsell 3/2
Kevin Moran beat Chris Leiper 3/0
Chris Shinnie beat Dan Zammit-Lewis 3/0
Alistair Gorrie beat Ewen Urquhart 3/0
Round 2
Alan Clyne beat Mike Black 3/0 (11/2 11/4 11/4)
Jamie Matthew beat Tristan Eysele 3/0 (11/9 11/4 11/3)
Jamie Jacobsen beat Paul Rawden 3/1 (10/12 11/9 11/8 11/2)
Hamza Bukhari beat Liam Gutcher 3/0 (11/8 11/5 11/7)
Chris Ferguson beat Gareth Naidoo 3/1 (11/1 9/11 11/6 11/7)
Kevin Moran beat Sunil Seth 3/1 (8/11 12/10 11/6 11/7)
Greg Lobban beat Chris Shinnie 3/0 (11/6 11/7 11/9)
Simon Parke beat Alistair Gorrie 3/0 (11/7 11/8 11/9)
Quarter Finals
Alan Clyne beat Jamie Matthews 3/0 (11/1 11/9 11/1) 22mins
Simon Parke beat Greg Lobban 3/2 (13/15 11/5 11/4 7/11 11/7) 71mins
Kevin Moran beat Chris Ferguson 3/0 (11/3 11/6 11/2) 23mins
Hamza Bukhari beat Jamie Jacobsen 3/0 (11/8 11/4 11/4) 27mins

Semi Final Results
Alan Clyne beat Hamza Bukhari 3/1 (11/3 11/8 6/11 11/4) 39mins
Simon Parke beat Kevin Moran 3/1 (7/11 11/0 11/7 11/6) 51mins
Final Result
Alan Clyne beat Simon Parke 3/0 (11/3 11/8 11/5) 39mins


Scotland's Alan Clyne retained the Xodus Group North of Scotland Open earlier this afternoon, defeating Aberdeen team mate Simon Parke in three straight games.
Clyne started off like a man on a mission, racking up an early lead by playing at a relentless pace which he simply didn't let up on. Parke was digging in as he always does, and accompanied with the help of some trickery with the racket he gave the capacity crowd some moments to remember. After 9 minutes though the pace was too much and Clyne took a 1-game lead courtesy of an 11/3 scoreline.
Into game two and a couple of unusual unforced errors saw Parke take a slender 2 point lead. Pushing up the court and taking chances now Parke was in command of the T and extended his lead to 7-3. The effort in doing so was visible, on Parke's part anyway, and perhaps Clyne sensed this as he then pushed further up the court to take back the T. The pace was now higher than ever and far more suited to Clyne. Parke was still showing some brilliance but everything he threw at Clyne was absorbed, and absorbed with interest. Seven straight points took Clyne to game ball, one was saved, but the next was converted courtesy of a trademark Clyne counter drop. After 28 minutes Parke now had a small mountain to climb. 11/8
Game three should have been a formality, but at 4-4 Parke was there. Still looking keen to run, and still hoping for some openings. Clyne perhaps had a flashback to his semi final the night before (where he switched off for all of 2/3 mins to loss the third game) and put in a huge couple of rallies to well and truly take the legs away from Parke. Five straight points took him to 9-4, Parke pinched one back, but two quick rallies followed and that was that. Clyne was champion again, and Parke was once more thwarted from a title he has openly craved for. Time may be running out for him but you can bet your money he'll be back next year.
So congratulations to Alan Clyne, 2012 Xodus Group North of Scotland Open Champion. As a tournament organiser it is always great to see your defending champion return. Hopefully Alan will come back next year for thirds.
Alistair Gorrie


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