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Ilkley Reports

Ladies Final

Deon Saffrey beat Frania Gillen-Burchet 8/11 11/6 11/7 11/7  29 mins

Number 1 seed, Welshís Deon Saffrey was too much for Scotlandís Frania Gillen-Burchet beating her 3-1 in an enthralling match. A match that the crowd were dying to see go to a fifth game.

Although it was Saffrey who took an early lead in the first, Gillen-Burchet managed to win a streak of points that led to her taking the first. However, Saffrey always looked in control of the match, her versatility letting her control both the long endurance rallies and the short ones. On the whole, she seemed at home on the court and thoroughly deserved her first BSPA win.

Ladies semi final

Deon Saffery def Carrie Ramsey 11/4 11/1 11/8  17 mins.  Top seed Saffery, too strong, in total control, Ramsey, made lots of unforced erros as saffery moved her all around the court.

Other ladies semi final between the 2 Scottish players, saw the 2nd Seed Frania Gillen- Burchert, proved to be too steady for Alex Clark, winning in 4 sets. After dropping the 2nd set  Gillen-Burchert looked to up her game and took control of the match, winning the 3rd and 4th sets comfortably.  11/6 5/11 11/5 11/4 23min 

With the top 2 seeds in the final it looks likely to be a close match.

Ladies Quarter Finals

Deon Saffery bt Lauren Gray                    13/11 11/9 11/5 in 23 mins
Frania Gillen-Buchert b Stacey Preece         11/5 11/7 11/4 in 22 mins
Carrie Ramsey bt Lisa Aitkin                      11/8 11/5 11/4 in 22 mins
Alex Clarke bt Zoe Rickaby                        11/8 11/5 11/4 in 23 mins


Menís Final

Joel Hinds beat Eddie Charlton 11/7 11/6 11/3  37 mins

Two young Englishman took out both the top seeds in the semi-final and lined up for what was expected to be a great final. But Joel Hinds showed his true class as he dominated the game from start to finish, beating his countryman Eddie Charlton 3 games to 0.

It was clear that it had been a long week for Charlton, and his two previous five set matches showed their effect. Hinds looked a little better for wear as the long rallies took their toll on his opponent. A masterclass of nicks however kept Charlton in the game for as long as possible, but in the end it was the discrepancy between the number of tins that decided the game. A good 3-0 win for Hinds that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats for the entire game.

Mens Semi Finals

Joel Hinds def Alan Clyne  6/11 11/4 11/7 11/8 46mins

Hinds continued on from his victory over a Shaun Le Roux to beat the top seed Alan Clyne in the semi final. Hinds, won a number of points with drops to the front of the court. In contrast, Clyne made a lot of unforced errors as Hinds kept up the pressure on Clyne by moving him all over the court .

Eddie Charlton def Scott Handley 4/11 11/9 11/7 2/11 11/8

Eddie Charlton continues the upsets, by defeating 2nd seed Scott Handley in a hard fought match, with both players playing good attacking squash and some outstanding retrieving shots.

Menís Quarter finals

Alan Clyne bt Arthur Gaskin           17/15 6/11 11/9 9/11 11/8 75 mins
Joel Hinds bt Shaun la Roux                          14/12 11/7 11/5 64 mins
Scott Handley bt Jamie Haycocks                    11/8 11/6 11/2 26 mins
Eddie Charlton bt Chris Truswell       11/3 11/4 5/11 9/11 11/2 59 mins


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