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Tecnifibre’s latest squash range includes the new Carboflex 130 and 140 Basaltex rackets developed in association with Thierry Lincou.

Both the boys and girls world junior champions 2009 are also currently using the racket!!  Mohammed el Shorbagy claimed the boys U19 title for the second year running, the second player in history to have achieved this, and Nour el Sherbini at the age of 13 claimed the girls U19 World Junior Champion title, to become the youngest ever world champion!

The rackets feature Isomoph Shaft technology, where a tendon is added onto the shaft to increase stiffness by 25% for more power.  These tendons are known as Basaltex Transmitters, which are made using mineral fibres from volcanic lava stone, which is 92% more resistant than a fibreglass construction.  The transmitters are located in-line on the shaft for flex control and as a result increase the strength and power of the racket, whilst also enhancing the feel.

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One of the greatest benefits with Tecnifibre rackets is that they come pre-strung with Tecnifibre’s unprecedented string technology.  The Carboflex range comes pre-strung with X-One Biphase 1.18mm in red featuring Tecnifibre’s leading string technology for ultimate power and touch that you can’t be without!  To view Tecnifibre’s squash string range visit

Tecnifibre is a high-tech brand, which has been making performance products for many years.  However, as a French company from Paris, a city renowned for fashion, Tecnifibre have a different approach to the game.  Tecnifibre’s vision is to innovate by design!

Tecnifibre is working with several Paris fashion agencies, and their players are encouraged to express their own personality and distinguish themselves through their racket on the court.

Tecnifibre rackets have unique and original cosmetics, reflecting the company’s desire to be close to the spirit of its players in order that their rackets can reflect their personality – especially because Tecnifibre players like to be different.  The Carboflex rackets feature a Phoenix at the heart of its design, as just like the Phoenix Thierry Lincou thinks he is still alive!

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